New Krasznahorkai

Here’s how dumb my mind is. Sometimes I worry that having my favorite author as Laszlo Krasznahorkai ruins my book nerd hipster cred.

Odd neurosis notwithstanding, it’s pretty exciting that my favorite author is coming out with a new novel.

Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming

2013 Music in Review

A little something to kick off the new year.  My favorites from the past year.


Babi Yar    Adam Carpet    Adam Carpet    5:47
Spiegel im Spiegel    Maya Beiser    Time Loops    9:29
The Things Left Unsaid    Caleb Burhans    Evensong    8:25
Shark Fin Blues    The Drones    Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By    5:43
Satellites    EMA    4:22
Painting On A Corpse    Ensemble Pearl    Ensemble Pearl    6:53
Spoock    Eomac    Spoock    6:57
Passing    Fins    Fins    3:49
Stalker    Fuck Buttons    Slow Focus    10:10
Vital    Grouper    The Man Who Died in His Boat    4:14
Bloodhail    Have A Nice Life    Deathconsciousness    5:40
Excavation (Part 1)    The Haxan Cloak    Excavation    8:09
Caldera: Taupo    The Holocene    Scars    4:38
See Forever    Indian Jewelry    Peel It    4:59
Evil Nigger    Jace Clayton    The Julius Eastman Memory Depot    22:08
Cholla    The Joy Formidable    Wolf’s Law    3:24
A Tooth For An Eye    The Knife    Shaking The Habitual    6:04
Weird    Roomrunner    Ideal Cities    2:31
Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster    Thee Oh Sees    Floating Coffin    3:32
Creeper    True Widow    Circumambulation    5:51

20 songs, 2+ hours of music.


The actors finish and leave the stage.  There is a smattering of applause from the half-full theater, and the actors just keep walking. In full costume out the back door into the street and home. The applause intensifies in the theater, the audience attempting to call them back, to restart the action of the stage.

They will clap all night, but no one is there to hear them. The stage door stands open to the alley, empty.

Character – 102912

He’s always been a ringleader, ever since he was a kid and he convinced a group of kids that trick-or-treating would be more lucrative in July because other kids wouldn’t be out competing for candy.

(Ed. note – I feel like this is a really dumb idea, but it’s come up a couple of times today, so I’m going to throw it out there and let you tear it apart if you want)


The end of the world is predicted. Go alone? Disbelieve? Party? At the appointed time, the Earth disappears. Everyone left behind in a very non-biblical way. Stuck in space, unable to move, watching the moon, free of our gravity, fall toward the sun.