The end of the world is predicted. Go alone? Disbelieve? Party? At the appointed time, the Earth disappears. Everyone left behind in a very non-biblical way. Stuck in space, unable to move, watching the moon, free of our gravity, fall toward the sun.

2 thoughts on “Armageddon

  1. When our laughter skids across the floor
    Like beads yanked from some girl’s throat,
    What waits where the laughter gathers?

    And later, when our saw-toothed breaths
    Lay us down on a bed of leaves, what feeds
    With ceaseless focus on the leaves?

    It’s solid, yet permeable, like a mood.
    Like God, it has no face. Like lust,
    It flickers on without a prick of guilt.

    We move in and out of rooms, leaving
    Our dust, our voices pooled on sills.
    We hurry from door to door in a downpour

    Of days. Old trees inch up, their trunks thick
    With new rings. All that we see grows
    Into the ground. And all we live blind to
    Leans its deathless heft to our ears
    and sings.

    –Tracy K. Smith
    “The Largeness We Can’t See” from Life on Mars (Graywolf, 2011)

    • “We hurry from door to door in a downpour / of days.”

      Yep. That’s pretty great. The last lines are sweet as well.

      TILT, I have to say I’m surprised, I figured it would be a while before anyone even noticed stuff was showing up here again.

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