100 X 100 Project

For Christmas of 2007, my darling wife got me a pair of books containing the works of Ray Bradbury. One of them was a collection of one hundred of his short stories. I have mentioned my admiration for Mr. Bradbury before in the Mind of Dwayne Hoover series, so I was excited to crack this one open.

I started with the introduction, written by Bradbury himself:

Writing, for me, is akin to breathing. It is not something I plan or schedule; it’s something I just do. All the stories collected in this book seized on me at the strangest hours, compelling me to head for my typewriter and put them down on paper before they went away.

He discussed his writing process, and I was (and still am) envious of how he was able to draw inspiration from anywhere and be so productive.

So I started this project. I plan to read each story in this book, but I won’t start the next Bradbury story until I have a story of my own, drawing my inspiration from each of Bradbury’s stories. I will post all these stories here and at Scrawlers, which has a 100 word limit, so it dovetails nicely with the 100 theme going on.

This is mostly for my own interest, but if you’d like to follow along, I’ll keep the links up to date as much as I keep anything up to date around here. As always, I’d love to hear comments and feedback on anything you find. Bradbury’s stories are in italics, my efforts are indented below the story that inspired them.

Thanks for reading.

The Whole Town’s Sleeping

Why I’m Afraid of the Dark

The Rocket

Eddie B.

Season of Disbelief


And the Rock Cried Out


The Drummer Boy of Shiloh

Time Traveller

The Beggar on O’Connell Bridge

The Oracle

The Flying Machine

Carry On



The First Night of Lent


Lafayette, Farewell

Teller of Terrible Tales

UPDATE – 10% of the way through in just under a year.  Estimated completion – 2018.  Yikes.
Remember Sascha?



Lena’s Last Request Was To Be Buried At Sea

That Woman On The Lawn

Called On The Carpet

February 1999: Ylla

Caffeine Withdrawl



One For His Lordship, and One For the Road!

Legacy Sleep and Stay

The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair
Unterderseaboat Doktor
Another Fine Mess
The Dwarf

Planet Heldon D (Four Parts)

A Wild Night in Galway


1 thought on “100 X 100 Project

  1. I find reading Bradbury’s stories very zen-like; I love his writing style, and I love reading his writing, but in the end I’m not necessarily pleased with the finished product. Still, I am always entertained.

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