CW Survivor – Challenge 6: Create a Challenge

Come up with a creative writing challenge of your own:


I know what you’re thinking: “Did she write six stories, or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself.

Write a story in six parts (300 word maximum for each part) in which each section uses the perspective of one of six different characters.

But being this is Spookymilk Survivor, the most competitive creative writing game in the world, and this one entry could blow your chances at writing immortality, you’ve got to ask yourself one question:

This does not have to be a Rashomon-type story where each perspective retells the same scene. However, all the parts should contribute to the overall plot and combine to tell a cohesive story.

“Do I feel lucky?”

The catch is that once a character’s perspective has been used, that character cannot make an appearance in any of the following scenes.  They can’t be mentioned, referred to, or conversed with after their scene.  That narrative bullet has been shot.  Thus, the first scene could involve all six of the characters whose perspective we will see, but the final scene will have only the character from whose perspective the scene is told.

Well do ya, punk?

Upon submission I kind of wished that I had added some guidelines for a plot or something.  But at the same time, I mostly just liked the wrinkle that I did include, so I was interested to see what the judges would think of this one.

K: More brilliance. At first it indeed read like a retread of last season’s Rashomon game, which I intended on running again. However, if I ran this potentially very difficult but rewarding challenge, I’d simply remove Rashomon because this is better.

4 points on a forced curve (5 point max.)

B: I love this, especially the “catch.” In fact, this could be great as the final challenge. I’d be very excited to see what people would do with this, and thus it gets my top score.

5 points on a forced curve (5 point max.)

Those scores were good enough for me to bank an immunity for the next time our team loses.

CW Survivor – Challenge 5: Dewey Defeats Truman

Take a news story and write one as if something else (the opposite, or at least very different) happened.


The polio virus announced today that it had developed a vaccine that rendered those who were inoculated immune to Jonas Salk.  Viri that had received the infusion of dead cells harvested from the leading medical researcher’s dry, flaky scalp reported no instances of death by Salk.

“While it is interesting that they are aware of the principles of vaccination,” commented Dr. Maurice Hilleman (human), “it is important to point out that Jonas Salk doesn’t kill polio viruses, immune systems primed by immunogens generated by exposure to inactive contagions kill polio viruses.”

Although acknowledging that the news has “gone human” among the viral community, spokesvirus Tetanus quickly clamped its jaws shut when asked what further advances humans would see from viral scientists.

K: When I posted this challenge I said I didn’t know what the best entries would look like. Well, now I do. This one grabbed me with the headline and never let go.

5 points out of 5

B: Okay, this is the first one to literally make me laugh out loud. From the headline to “spokesvirus Tetanus,” this one kills all the way through.

5 points out of 5

This came from an initial thought of “Jonas Salk discovery first step toward eradicating water polo” – which seemed so straightforward that I was surprised that a Google search turned up no other fake news stories using that joke.  Maybe I’ll send it to The Onion…

CW Survivor – Challenge 4: 20 Questions (Team)

Given the answers, our team had to come up with the questions. My contributions are below:

Well, first things first, as they say.

The prophecy says we won’t escape until I’m pregnant, what are we going to do?

This answer was modified into something less clever by my teammates, and so never received judgment.

Jesus was not amused

Peter denied him the bread three times?


That’s what the postman said, but I didn’t believe him

No, I didn’t give birth to our son yet, why did you think the male was here?

Someone else suggested the male/mail thing, but this horrible pun was my doing.

Her choice of undergarments was definitely interesting.

How did she get the nickname “Old Ironsides”?

I thought it would be the lead singer, but it ended up being the drummer.

Most enjoyable post-Beatles career, John or Ringo?

I wanted to, but then Stalin said no.

I’ve never seen anyone eat as much as you did last night, did you purge?


The team won 5 of the 20 points and ended up in last place. One team member down, 6 of us remain.

CW Survivor – Challenge 3: Second Opinion Nursery Rhyme

Write a nursery rhyme from the perspective of one of the other characters.

I’m an informant cat
Who flipped an informant mouse
Still living with the crooked man
and informing on his house.

K: Okay, first impression: if this is merely the beginning, I’m going to be handing out a lot of 5s. Given the soul-crushingly large number of non-submitters, I’m cool with that. Lovely worded, and not an obvious twist.

5 points out of 5

B: Wow, what a start. The rhythm is perfect and it’s hilarious to boot.

5 points out of 5

Blah.  Spent 5 minutes on this.  Wasn’t particularly inspired by the challenge and the losers were already determined by non-submissions.  Consider this a get-me-over fastball.

Knew this was a winner from the start!