Cello Week – Day 1 – Cello Counterpoint by Steve Reich

I’ve been listening to a lot of cello music lately, and I was considering throwing my hat in the ring for a week of guest DJing at the WGOM featuring some cello music, but then I realized I have my own website, and I could just have my own cello week.  So here goes nothing.

First up is “Cello Counterpoint” by Steve Reich (2003) for cello and seven recorded cello parts (in this case the recorded cello takes the form of a video).  This was performed by Ted Rankin-Parker at Oberlin College.  Unfortunately there are two video parts and the first one gets cut off right in the middle of the piece, so apologies for that, but mostly I liked this video for the guy playing a cello in the passenger seat of a car.

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