Going Dark


The big move is happening this weekend, right now our house is a mess of boxes and bubble wrap. Being that we’ve shut off our internet service, and my normal guest blogger is going to be even more drugged up than usual (the cats don’t travel well), I’m going on hiatus for a week or two whilst I get settled in Kansas and finish up here in Chicago.

I’m not planning on giving up the Ghost (get it?) so I should be back once everything is relatively normal.

Until then,

Big Mak


I have returned.  But I don’t have time for much more than that right now.

I see that Bruno got stoned and forgot to post anything whilst I was away except for that garbled introductory post.  Good work, kitty.  I expected about as much.

On the exciting news front, we have purchased a home in Kansas!  So when we move (July?) we’ll have a roof over our heads.


Bruno says he’s already packed.  He’s a strange cat.

We’ll have a KC series preview and a music post on Friday, but I won’t promise anything until then.


Mrs. Mak has a graduate school interview in Kansas City this weekend.  I’m going along as moral support, and we’re leaving tonight.

I’ve got a random 10 ready to go for Friday, but I’m not sure what the internet situation will be while I’m away, so if I don’t respond or fix any glaring errors in the post, now you know why.

Wish us luck! (especially her, she’s the only one actually doing anything, I’m just the support staff)

Back next week.

Big Steps

Last week I created a folder on my computer entitled “Thesis”.

The last 4+ years have all been building up to this.  Now all that’s left is to generate a 200+ page document that not even my mother will read. (Mom, if you’re thinking about reading it, it’s really not worth the time or effort, and I won’t be offended).

Ideally, I will finish up my degree and defend my thesis this spring, then we’re moving to Kansas so that my wife can start her master’s program (apparently she noticed how much fun I was having these last few years).  I’m excited about the opportunity I’ve got out there doing a postsoc at Kansas University, plus I’ll get to go to Kauffman Stadium to watch the Twins instead of the Cell here in Chicago.

That actually brings up an interesting question, the Twins come to Wrigley Field for the first time since I moved here June 12-14.  As I see it I have two options:

1)  Finish my Ph.D. as quickly as possible, changing my life plan for 3 Twins games is pushing it a bit.

2)  Try to schedule my defense for June 11.  Celebrate my new degree by going to Twins games at Wrigley, pack for a week, then follow the Twins from Milwaukee (June 23-25) to St. Louis (June 26-28) to Kansas City (June 29-July 1).  Road Trip!

Only time will tell which of these is feasible, but its going to be an interesting summer.

Twins on TV!

Big news! The Felix household has decided to purchase MLB.TV for this season. Your humble narrator will actually be able to watch most of the Twins games on TV this summer!! This hasn’t happened since 3 years ago when I moved out to Chicago. Needless to say, I’m very excited, this will no doubt give me many more chances to invoke the currently undefeated Jersey of Fortune.

In other news, my Series Preview in Blog is making a regular appearance at Stick and Ball Guy on the first day of every series at 10 AM, so stop by there and see what SBG Nation has to say. I’m thinking of new series to add to this blog, and I promise to follow through on those at some point.

The Wild lost their playoff opener last night 2-1 to the Ducks. They didn’t play very well for two periods but were still tied headed into the third. A strange goal in which Backstrom’s own defenseman ran him over, taking him out of the play was the difference. Hopefully the Wild will play better on Friday and even up the series.

Thanks for reading!

What a Day!

Today is a big day for several reasons here at Daneeka’s Ghost:

1. The Twins begin their defense of the AL Central crown (and once again I have 5 dollars on the line that they finish ahead of the Tigers, although it could never compare to my dramatic last second victory last year.)

2. The Series Preview in Blog makes its debut at The World’s Greatest Online Magazine (Stick and Ball Guy’s blog). So if you don’t want to read it here, go read it there, it’ll be fun. I’ll be checking in both places, so feel free to comment, or if you want, email me (see sidebar for address).

3. I’m starting to formulate some other ideas for posts, so keep checking back, we’re just getting off the ground here so stick with me until I hit my stride.

Thanks for reading!