A Symphony of Decay

The Triumphant Return of the New Music Section:

Basel Sinfonietta – Decasia (M. Gordon) – Filmmaker Bill Morrison took old, decayed, nearly destroyed film, and pieced it together to make a film – Decasia.  This Michael Gordon composition is the soundtrack to that film.  Like Gordon’s cello piece ‘Industry‘ this piece seems dedicated to the destruction of the group performing it.  Heavy glissando and purposefully out of tune instruments combine to create an eerie, disturbing feel that, at times, resolves into the sound of a discordant locomotive bearing down on the listener.  It’s not nice music, but it’s certainly powerful.

Random 10

  • Bloody Cape – Deftones(self-titled)
  • Homework – Dust Brothers Fight Club Soundtrack
  • Undecided – Silverchair Frogstomp
  • Aqua Dementia – MastodonLeviathan
  • Magic Doors – PortisheadThird
  • Communication Breakdown – Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin I
  • Out at Sea – Heartless BastardsThe Mountain
  • Didn’t Leave Nobody but the Baby – Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, and Gillian WelchO Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack
  • So Far From Your Weapon – Dead WeatherHorehound
  • No One’s There – KornUntouchables

Welcome to Two Thousand (Random) Ten

Oh man, sorry this is late – had such a party last night I woke up not even knowing what year it is.

New Music

Nirvana – Live at Reading – I love Nirvana. Probably one of my top two bands of all time. I haven’t got a chance yet to watch the DVD of the concert that came with the CD, but I haven’t stopped listening to this one since I got it for Christmas.

Random 10

  • The Other Improv – Nirvana – With the Lights Out
  • Thomas – A Perfect Circle – Mer de Noms
  • One Hit – The Knife – Silent Shout
  • Mexico – Butthole Surfers – Weird Revolution
  • Lullaby – The Cure – Disintegration
  • Come As You Are – Nirvana – Live at Reading
  • Needles and Pins – Deftones – (self-titled)
  • L. A. – Butthole Surfers – Electric Larryland
  • Get to the Gone – Static-X – Machine
  • Drain You [Demo] – Nirvana – With the Lights Out

Seems like three of a kind of Nirvana is appropriate for this week.

Random Ten – Now with Unnecessary Vulgarity

New Music

Neil Young – Tonight’s the Night – Been feeling a little bit bleary lately (waking up before the sun will do that, can’t wait to gain an hour this weekend), so it seemed like a good time to try this album out.  Neil Young has never been a polished singer, but even after hearing from others how raw this album was, I guess it was still more than I expected.
Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport – Noise music, it’s actually pretty close to the minimalist orchestral kick I’ve been on recently.  The opening track ‘Surf Solar’ is my favorite, although the finale ‘Flight of the Feathered Serpent’ is also pretty cool.  Yeah, the band name is dumb, but that’s pretty easy to ignore.

Random 10

  • Drunk with Power – Puscifer – V is for Vagina
  • Consequence – Incubus – Make Yourself
  • With Teeth – Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth
  • The Greater Good – Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero
  • Speedway – Counting Crows – This Desert Life
  • My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) – Neil Young – Rust Never Sleeps
  • Fern – Zoë Keating – Natoma
  • Space Mountain – Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport
  • A Bower Scene – The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love
  • Pocket Symphony, B – Eighth Blackbird – Fred: Music of Frederic Rzewski

Even with more songs on my bigger iPod, it’s nice to know that I can still get back-to-back Nine Inch Nails.

10 For the Road

Traveling to St. Louis today.  Spent the evening searching for driving music (I think Mrs. Mak will lose it if we listen to Farm one more time).

  • Come to Daddy – Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy EP
  • Milk It – Nirvana – From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
  • Stupid Girl – Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Zuma
  • Quotes – Dredg – The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion
  • Dead Leaves and Dirty Ground – The White Stripes – White Blood Cells
  • 02 Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts
  • Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin – How the West Was Won
  • Let it Loose – The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street
  • Doesn’t Remind Me – Audioslave – Out of Exile
  • Rocking Horse – Dead Weather – Horehound

[11:30 PM UPDATE – We have a decsision!]

Eighth Blackbird – Fred – I know next to nothing about this one.  Saw the group on the Minnesota Orchestra webpage, thought they sounded interesting.  We’ll see.  This is a collection of works composed by Frederick Rzewski.  ‘Coming Together’ based on a letter written by a prisoner during prison riots at Attica is the piece that really caught my eye.

Presented in No Discernable Order, 10 Pieces of Music

New Music

Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble – Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians – I came across this album because of their upcoming album which features a composition by DG favorite Zoe Keating (see this week’s random 10).  Apparently Music for 18 Musicians is a classic of the minimalist movement, which is not something I was overly familiar with when I got this.  We listened to it as we drove to St. Louis last weekend, and it’s pretty good driving music.  It could almost be described as ‘orchestral techno’ how it washes over you with the constant pulse always driving away underneath.  Overall, I like this album quite a bit.

Random 10

  • 5 Minutes Alone – Pantera – Live 101 Proof
  • New Millenium Homes – Rage Against the Machine – Battle of Los Angeles
  • How Many Times – Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin I
  • I Want You to Know – Dinosaur Jr. – Farm
  • Sun Will Set – Zoe Keating – Natoma
  • Shadow on the Sun – Audioslave – (self-titled)
  • Kill Each Other/Live Forever – Scars on Broadway – (self-titled)
  • 4° – Tool – Undertow
  • Headup – Deftones – Around the Fur
  • Tissue No. 7 – Wendy Sutter – Song and Poems for Solo Cello (composed by Philip Glass)

Ten Songs for the tenth month

New Music

Dinosaur Jr. – Farm – I’ve been reading good things about this album for a while, and I had listened to a few of the songs and liked them. Having bought the album, now I can say that it is really good. I mean really good. I just enjoy listening to this one, so many good songs and great guitar moments. This is definitely my favorite Dinosaur Jr. album that I’ve heard, with the best songs being ‘Pieces’, ‘I Want You to Know’, and ‘Over It’.

Random 10

  • One Big Holiday – My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves
  • Hey Hey What Can I Do? – Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song Single
  • Sleeping Beauty – A Perfect Circle – Mer de Noms
  • Old School Hollywood – System of a Down – Hypnotize
  • Slither – Velvet Revolver – Contraband
  • Pushit (live) – Tool – Salival
  • Tomorrow – Silverchair – Frogstomp
  • I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow – Soggy Bottom Boys – O Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack
  • The Interview – AFI – Decemberunderground
  • Omaramor – Matt Haimovitz (composed by Osvaldo Golijov) – Anthem

I do get a little excited whenever cello music (like #10) shows up to break up the rock and roll.


No random 10 story today, I’m going with some non-fiction instead. Hope you enjoy it.

    Thursdays, Mrs. Mak has class in KC and this was her week to drive, so I had the entire night to myself and only my bike for transportation. Because I’m somewhat of an idiot, I figured I could use this opportunity to take an extended ride on the bike and push myself a bit. What I came up with was not on the scale of a trip to Wisconsin, but hey, I’ve got to start small. So here are 10 songs to go with my 10 mile trip around Lawrence.

  • Kyuss – El Rodeo – And the Circus Leaves Town
  • Headed out straight from work (in jeans, mistake #1) with fuzzy rock and fresh legs (neither would last more than about 5 minutes).

  • Led Zeppelin – In the Evening – In Through the Out Door
  • Zeppelin got me to this little music shop here in Lawrence (it’s called ‘Best Buy’, I heard they’re expanding a bit, there might be one near you soon) where I picked up ‘Horehound’ by The Dead Weather. A short ride to pick up some cat food for the starving pets at home and I headed back in the other direction.

  • Counting Crows – A Murder of One – August and Everything After
  • I’ve had that Counting Crows album since it came out, and it wasn’t until tonight I realized that ‘A Murder of One’ is a play on the word for a group of crows. Apparently the bike ride finally got the mental juices flowing.

  • (Hed) P.E. – Swan Dive – Broke
  • So this is the part of the ride I was most nervous about – the big $#@!ing hill behind our house. As I slog my way up the hill, I’ve got “What could be better than a swan dive into the asphalt?” blaring in my ears.  It seemed almost portentious.

  • Coil – The Golden Section – Horse Rotorvator
  • Survived the hill, only to get the creepy gloom of Coil as my reward, beginning to think I overreached a bit with this trek.

  • System of a Down – Spiders – (self-titled)
  • Recovered some and I’m almost to my next destination, 7 miles into the ride, I’m already thinking about the road home.

  • Black Sabbath – War Pigs – Paranoid
  • I get to Blockbuster (yeah there was one closer, but the idea was to push myself) and I’m almost dead, it was pretty much uphill the whole way, fortunately no more backbreakers like the first one, but I arrive and probably look like hell, judging by the clerk’s reaction. I grab my movie (The Matador) and start back with the War Pigs guitar solo starting me off.

  • Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly – There is Nothing Left to Lose
  • This is perfect.  I grabbed a drink and sat for a minute and I’m feeling much better.  Learn to fly, indeed.

  • Mastodon – Hunters of the Sky – Blood Mountain
  • Another uptempo and loud one, perfect for the downhill ride all the way home.

  • REM – Texarkana – Out of Time
  • Made it! And it felt pretty good. Felt even better after a shower and some supper. The movie was pretty good too, funny and well done (Pierce Brosnan was excellent).

New Music

The Dead Weather – Horehound – Clearly I just bought this, but I’ve listened to most of the songs on youtube. I do like a lot of Jack White’s stuff, and this was a little more dirty, bluesy and it caught my attention more than the other stuff. I don’t think it’s going to be one of my all-time favorites, but it should be a quality listen.

Many a Hand

New Music

Meshuggah – ObZen – This one was on sale at Amazon  last weekend, so I figured, why not?  This is about as hard of metal as I can listen to, and even then I’ve found that I can’t listen to more than about 3 songs in a row off this album before I start tuning it out.  It’s just too intense and too demanding for me to give it the required attention for a full 50 minutes.  That being said, there are some good songs on here – the opening riff to ‘Combustion’ has been running through my head all week, and the songs ‘Bleed’ and ‘Dancers to a Discordant System’ are also pretty awesome.

Random 10 songs:

  • Tehran – The Offspring – The Offspring
  • Plateau – Meat Puppets – Meat Puppets II
  • Shimmy – System of a Down – Toxicity
  • The Crunge – Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
  • Somebody Someone – Korn – Issues
  • Aliens – Atomship – The Crash of ’47
  • Vordhosbn – Aphex Twin – Drukqs
  • Sifting – Nirvana – Bleach
  • They Hung Him on a Cross – Nirvana – With the Lights Out
  • This Spiteful Snake – Meshuggah – ObZen

Random Ten Story

No one lived here, but there were usually plenty of people on the street each day.  This was a one-horse town that had been never recovered from the sick twist of fate that had given Tehran, OK its politically charged name.  If you stayed long enough you grow used to the strangers and just greet the folks you know.  Everyone was there of course to scale the plateau south of town.  Today was finally our day, after listening to all the tall tales and half-baked mysticism, we got to see it for ourselves.  We were both in good spirits, she danced just a bit of a shimmy as we bolted out the door and south to our destination.


She was a little afraid to be lost in the crunge, that was climber-speak for the foothills that were the final test before the actual climb.  She kept asking me if I had seen the bridge yet.  I explained that we were following the river,  and it had to lead to the bridge eventually.  Tired of explaining myself I focused on the shrine we needed build.  Tradition dictated that before we climbed we had to erect a shrine to somebody.  Someone important to us – we had heard of shrines for everything from the holy ghost to late night TV personalities.  We eventually decided on her mother (boring, but it was the only photo either one of us had on us).


“There’s nothing on the top?”  her tone matched my incredulity. But it was true.  The view was spectacular from up here, and there was lots to see in the surrounding country, but it kind of scared me that the only thing I could find was an old birdwatcher’s guide and a discarded broom and dustbin.  It wasn’t until she whispered my name that I realized she wasn’t following me anymore.  She had scratched away a section of the dust to reveal, carved into the stone itself, some characters like nothing I had seen before.  “Aliens!” she breathed, and we began to clear away as much of the dust as we could.


“That was fun,” I remarked sarcastically after we had swept the entire top clean of dirt.  She hushed me and went to work translating all the symbols using the key we found in the southwest corner.  It turned out that the Vordhosbn (the alien species) had come here multiple times because of the sheer beauty of this particular stretch of Oklahoma desert (no accounting for taste, I guess).  They composed poems and songs dedicated to this planet, and wrote then in the stone here.  Sifting through it all felt like trying to make sense of second-rate junior high graffiti.  It seemed like the stoners of the alien race came here, where they lay about reveling in inaction and expounding all their beautiful words.  I realized despite the sense of wonder at almost contacting another species, there was still nothing up here except the bucket, the mop, and the illustrated field guide.  Disappointment ate at me during the entire descent.


We were met by a man who looked to be older than the dust that caked his face when we reached the bottom.  He instructed us in no uncertain terms not to tell anyone of what we had seen.  I argued with him that people would want to know about this, but he just kept repeating, “you know what happened to the last person who tried to change the way people see the world, they hung him on a cross.”  That really didn’t make sense, but to make him happy, we both agreed not to speak a word of it.  Strangely, as soon as I said it, I knew I wouldn’t tell this story to anyone who hadn’t already seen what I had.  Before he left I did ask him if there were other places like this, where extraterrestrials came to hang out.  He said there was someplace in Mexico, while pointing to the green land north of where we stood.  When I called him on his contradiction, he merely smirked, spit, and left. This spiteful snake didn’t know anything and wouldn’t help us even if he could.

(Guitar solo)

The Voice in My Head

New Music

Spoon – Kill the Moonlight – I really like this one.  Another hat-tip is owed to E-6’s random 10 lists for pointing me in this direction.  It’s got a little more pop feel than a lot of the stuff I usually listen to, but there’s enough rock in there to catch my ear.  Favorite tracks are numerous, but they include ‘The Way We Get By’, ‘Stay, Don’t Go’, and ‘All the Pretty Girls Go To the City’.

Random 10 songs:

  • Blue Day – Heartless Bastards – All This Time
  • All Apologies – Nirvana – Unplugged in New York
  • 90 Hour Sleep – Dredg – Live at the Fillmore
  • Been a Son – Nirvana – From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
  • Stoner Hate – Scars on Broadway – (self-titled)
  • Hole in the Earth – Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist
  • Violent Pornography – System of a Down – Mesmerize
  • Genocide – The Offspring – Smash
  • Israel’s Son – Silverchair – Frogstomp
  • Nutshell – Alice in Chains – Jar of Flies

Random Ten Story

It was 6 A.M. and already the voice in my head had started in:

“Good morning, we don’t have much going on today, looks like it’ll be a clear blue day for you.”

I growled a response “I don’t believe you at all, apologies if that offends, but there it is.”  I tried to flex what was left of my right hand, remembering the last time I was promised a clear day –

It was on the last 4 hours of a 90 hour sleep-free shift, and I was wondering why I couldn’t just go home if everything was under control the way they said it was.   I was getting paid double because I was covering for the other guy, Israel, who had taken off  to try to find his runaway kid and convince him to come home.  If there had been a son like his in my family, I wouldn’t have wasted the effort, that kid was downright committed to causing trouble.  I was thinking about that kid, his drugs, and his stoner hate for his old man and I decided I wouldn’t trade places with that poor dad if someone paid me.

Next thing I knew I was lying with my entire right side on fire next to an enormous hole in the earth.  The pipe bomb had gone off exactly as I turned the corner.  I lay there, trying to extinguish myself without moving (it hurt every time I moved).  The TV crews got there at the same time as the firemen, and started filming their violent pornography that would air right after whatever daily genocide led the news that night.  Israel’s son told me later that broadcast, watching the man he thought was his dad burn and scream, was what scared him straight.  Of course, it turned out it wasn’t his father, it was me – trading places with him because someone payed me.  My life in a nutshell.

Seven Figures

New Music

The Giraffes – (Self-titled) – A louder, harder version of Queens of the Stone Age.  I like it OK, but nothing special or groundbreaking here.

Random Ten Songs

Hell – Foo Fighters – In Your Honor
Split Myself in Two – Meat Puppets – Meat Puppets II
Almost Cut My Hair – Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young – Deja Vu
Enough Space – Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape
Sun Will Set – Zoe Keating – One Cello x 16: Natoma
Tissue No. 2 – Wendy Sutter – Songs and Poems for Solo Cello (composed by Philip Glass, from the Naqoyqatsi soundtrack)
Miranda That Ghost Isn’t Holy Anymore – The Mars Volta – Frances the Mute
Song III – Wendy Sutter – Songs and Poems for Solo Cello (composed by Philip Glass)
90 Hour Sleep – Dredg – Live at the Fillmore
Weenie Beenie – Foo Fighters – (self-titled)

A triple shot of Foo Fighters with a cello interlude.  I’ll take it.

Random Ten Story

MIRANDA) Hell is trying to please everyone all the time.  I’m stretched so many ways I feel like I’m going to split myself in two, it feels like I’m in ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’, with everyone’s expectations swinging closer with each pass.  This afternoon the blade is close enough to almost cut my hair.  I’ve worked all day on [Person No. 2]’s requests.  If I’m lucky, I’ll have enough space in my schedule to get to [Person III]’s list before tonight.  I know the sun will set before I go home tonight because if I don’t get it done I’ll hear it from both of them and Mr. Beenan.  I’m sorry, now I’m crying from the stress, could I get a tissue?

No. 2) Ridiculous, it’s always the same story from her.  I know we’re all supposed to feel terrible for the martyr over there, but I’ve got news for Miranda.  That ghost isn’t holy anymore, you’ve pulled this crap out so often that no one buys it anymore.  It’s just the same old song.

III) I’m not sure she’s faking it this time though, she looks like she could use a good 90 hour sleep.  Of course I could say the same for myself, everyone works hard around here.  That’s the joy of working for ‘Weenie Beenie‘.  Can’t beat the pay though, seven figures heals a lot of wounds.

MIRANDA) Seven figures?  You make seven figures!?

No. 2) Great.  You shouldn’t have let that slip.  There she goes.  Now someone else is going to have to do all of this drudgery.  Looks like a long night for you.


New Music

Dredg – The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion – I really liked Dredg’s previous three albums, although I would have to say the most recent (Catch Without Arms) was my least favorite.  I’ve only had this one for a day, but I’ve listened to it a few times and it seems like it’s very much along the same lines as the last one.  I’m less than impressed so far, but I’m still listening and giving it a chance to grow on me.

Random Ten Songs

Gave Up – Nine Inch Nails – Broken
Ain’t It The Life – Foo Fighters – There Is Nothing Left To Lose
I Will Dare – The Replacements – Let It Be
The Canyon Behind Her – Dredg – Live At The Fillmore
Mark David Chapman – And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Madonna
Whatever Happened To… – Onesidezero – Onesidezero
Slither – Velvet Revolver – Contraband
Take It Like A Man – The Offspring – Ignition
Salt Of The Earth – Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet
River Euphrates – Pixies – Surfer Rosa

Random Ten Story

Quickly, I gave up trying to influence her moods.  It’s all wasted energy anyway, ain’t it? The life we had was beautiful, and I will dare now to say I was happiest then.  She was always in danger of hurtling over the edge of the canyon behind her into paranoid rages accusing everyone of double crossing her.  She knew me this time as Mark. David Chapman was my previous alias (my own twisted humor), and when she asked “Whatever happened to your birthmark?” I knew she was on to me.  I felt the cold feeling of fear slither into my stomach, but I resolved to stick it out.  However she decided to punish me, I would take it like a man.  That was the part of me that came from my father.  He wanted me to be a practical, salt of the earth, responsible child.  He got off easy, once he was discovered as a foreign agent, his body was dumped unceremoniously in the River Euphrates.  After a night of baring my soul, I had to wake to a tear-stained letter lying on a cold pillow and lose her forever.

Nameless Evil Henchman #4

New Music

Coil – Horse Rotorvator – Way back in December, when I started this 80’s kick I’ve been on recently, I asked for suggestions from the fine fellows of SBG Nation.  AMR suggested I give Coil a listen, that it was kind of a precursor of Nine Inch Nails.  Well, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have been known to listen to some NIN now and again, so I vowed to give it a shot.  To make a long story short(er), this album was tough to find, but now I’ve got it and I like some of the songs quite a bit.  Favorites are currently ‘Slur’, ‘Ostia (Death of Pasolini)’, and ‘Blood From the Air’.

Random Ten Songs

Sail Away – Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Rust Never Sleeps
Freak Scene – Dinosaur Jr. – Bug
The Patient – Tool – Lateralus
Gone Away – The Offspring – Ixnay on the Hombre
Old Man – Neil Young – Harvest
New World Order – Onesidezero – Is This Room Getting Smaller?
We’re Going to be Friends – The White Stripes – White Blood Cells
Bottom – Tool – Undertow
Bab’s Uvula Who? – Green Day – Insomniac
I Lost All My Money at the Cock Fights – Minus the Bear – Highly Refined Pirates

After ‘Sail Away’ and ‘Gone Away’ I half expected the Pixies’ ‘Gouge Away’ or Tool’s ‘Crawl Away’ or … ah, screw it, here’s another list.

Neil Young – Sail Away
The Offspring – Gone Away
Pixies – Gouge Away
Tool – Crawl Away
NIN – The Day the World Went Away
Nirvana – Stay Away
Led Zeppelin – Over the Hills and Far Away
Black Keys – Give Your Heart Away
The Offspring – Gotta Get Away
Deftones – Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

Random 10 Short Story – making its triumphant return.

My plans to hop a boat and sail away from this disaster vanished as soon as Nameless Evil Henchman #4 came through the door.  He looked terribly out of place in his tailored suit amidst the freak scene that was the 42nd annual tri-state rooster showdown.  He spotted me right away (as if he didn’t know I was there before ever venturing in here).  Once he was face to face with me, he told me the patient man I had grown accustomed to had gone away.  I asked him if the old man was ever going to get tired of following me and just forget my debt. Apparently not, I was treated to a rant about how this Nameless Evil Henchman was different from the previous dudes I had dealt with.  He was here to instill a new world order for me, and if I had any thoughts about how we’re going to be friends he was going to disabuse me of that notion.  I told him he had anger issues, and if he wanted to get to the bottom of them, I knew a great therapist.  He turned purple.  He said, once he was through with me, he was going to hang one of my fingers on his trophy wall right next to Bab’s uvula. Who? I asked.  Never mind, he snarled, you’ve got more important things to worry about.  You’re telling me, I agreed, I lost all my money at the cock fights, can you spare me some cash? He told me I was hilarious and walked away.

You don’t know the half of it I thought as I rifled through his newly pilfered wallet.

Friday Music – May 29

New Music

Dinosaur Jr. – Bug – This is more music that came out of my newfound interest in the 1980’s.  Freak Scene is a fantastic track and my favorite of the album.  I got this a while ago, but I’ve been a little tardy in really giving it a chance in the CD player, so I’ll have to make an effort.  Overall, I would say I like Dinosaur Jr’s sound, you can see where it leads into a lot of the early 90’s rock music that I grew up on.

Random 10 Songs

Your Touch – Black Keys – Magic Potion
Chop Suey – System of a Down – Toxicity
Monkey Gone to Heaven – Pixies – Doolittle
The Mountain – Heartless Bastards – The Mountain
For All the Cows – Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters
Suck – Nine Inch Nails – Broken
Powderfinger – Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Rust Never Sleeps
Dancing Days – Led Zeppelin – How the West Was Won
Smack My Bitch Up – Prodigy – Fat of the Land
Velvet Pants – Propellerheads – Decksanddrumsandrockandroll

Let’s see, we’ve got some NIN, some 80’s stuff and a dash of Zeppelin and techno.  I’d call that a pretty solid Big Mak music list.

Random 10 Story – maybe later today – I don’t have one ready right now.

The Angry Amphibians’ Farewell Tour

New Music

Kronos Quartet – The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind – Music composed by Osvaldo Golijov.  I liked what I’ve heard of Golijov’s and the Kronos Quartet is brilliant, so I have high hopes for this one.  Not enough listens to offer an opinion just yet, but that’s what I got for you this week.

Random 10 Songs

Erase/Replace – Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace
All You Ever Wanted – Black Keys – Attack & Release
Over the Hills and Far Away – Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory – AYWKUBT Trail Of Dead – So Divided
Lake of Fire – Meat Puppets – Meat Puppets II
Lounge Act – Nirvana – Nevermind
Where Is Everybody? – Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
Carry On – Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young – Deja Vu
Love Dump – Static X – Wisconsin Death Trip
Had To Go – Heartless Bastards – The Mountain

Those first three albums are three of my favorites.

Random 10 Story – How will I follow up ‘Love Dump’ with ‘Had To Go’? Read on.

Ernie did the final erase/replace edit on the new posters and showed me the results.  “Pretty sweet, huh? All you ever wanted was to change the name, but I redesigned the whole graphic.”  Bless his heart, he was embracing this reimagining of the band as best he could, but I knew it killed him.  It was always his dream to take the “Angry Amphibians” out of the backwoods, over the hills and far away.  Ernie wrote the songs, designed the costumes, never flinched at the harshest reviews.  He had a Gold Heart. “Mountain Top Queen Directory”, the revered index of costumed jazz acts, called us “unbelievably odd” and likened us to “being dipped alternately into a lake of fire and beaten against a block of ice.”  Pretty high praise for a country bumpkin’s interpretation of a Vegas lounge act, but all the pretty words of the critics didn’t stop us from playing mostly empty bars, and wondering ‘where is everybody?

Look, no matter how much we both want to carry on doing this, it’s time to realize that the emphasis is on “labor” in this labor of love. Dump the plush frog costumes behind a diner I told Ernie.  It killed me to say it, but they had to go.

The “Two Angry Tadpoles” start their world tour on Friday.

Leave your story below.