You Can Have It All, My Empire of Dirt

New Music

Meat Puppets – II – The eighties odyssey continues.  This is unlike any other album in my collection, that’s for sure.  The lead singer wanders around in some songs, not quite on-key, sounding a little bit like a less excitable version of Brak.  I like it with all that, though.  Obviously I first heard of these guys when they appeared with Nirvana on the Unplugged album, and I had always kinda, sorta wondered what the originals of Plateau, Oh Me, and Lake of Fire sounded like.  Now I know, so cross another life goal off the list I guess.

Random Ten Songs

Rolling Stones – Moonlight Mile
Yo-Yo Ma & Diana Krall – You Couldn’t be Cuter
Atomship – Friends
Nine Inch Nails – Big Man With a Gun
Yo-Yo Ma – Sarabande, Suite #4 in E-flat Major (J.S. Bach)
Rage Against the Machine – Know Your Enemy
Live – White, Discussion
Counting Crows – Long December
Black Keys – Give Your Heart Away
Nine Inch Nails – Hurt

Wow, other than “Hurt”, the Black Keys, and Rage, I don’t think I would pick any of those songs on my own in a long time.  A very random 10 for sure.

Two Videos

Nirvana – Plateau (unplugged)

Heartless Bastards – Mountain