Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Mr. Gretzky.  Now, a quick question – who is the greatest hockey player ever born on this day? Let’s compare NHL careers:

Gretzky 1487 Games 894 Goals 1963 Assists 2857 Points
Big Mak 0 Games 0 Goals 0 Assists 0 Points

That’s not really a fair comparison, though. He’s got a 21 year head-start.

Snow Chilled and Charcoal Grilled

Back in Minnesota for Thanksgiving, I got a chance to try my hand at homebrewing with my dad.  Due to the massive turkey prep going on in the kitchen, we were banished to the outdoors for the initial boiling and whatnot.

the set-up

I can’t say that I’m going to become a homebrewer on my own, and I probably won’t be joining too many of the WGOM threads on the topics, but it was a lot of fun to get a chance to do this.  Currently the brew is aging in bottles in the basement at home, and I’m trying to work out an excuse to time a trip up to the home country around the time this one comes of age.

the brewing process

master brewer Big Mak

this is perfectly normal (I think)

That’s some good beer (at least it will be soon)

Bang On!

Banks and banks of humming machinery.  I’ve never seen so many knobs.  We’re going to have to do something Charlie, try pushing that button there.


How about that one?

No, not that one either.

I know, I’ll try pushing this one.  Hold my hat, would you?  There’s a good fellow.

For All The Marbles [Updated]

Big game today. The Skokie Rec League Hockey championship pitting the undefeated Nunavut Sled Dogs (that’s me) against the challengers, Macon Whoopee (seriously). I have to admit I’m a little nervous, we were assigned the black jerseys, so I can’t shake the feeling that we’re the villains of a Mighty Ducks movie and that the whole undefeated season was just a set-up for the dramatic reversal of fortune in the championship. Wish me luck!

[UPDATE: In your face plucky upstart team! Victory is ours!]


Stupid Stats, Vol. 2


As we all know, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series at the end of last season.  They held the title of “best team in Major League Baseball” all winter long.  Then the 2009 season started and they lost two of three to the Braves right out of the box.  Let’s see how the mantel of “best team in baseball” has been passed around thus far this season.

Braves over Phillies (2-1)
Braves over Nationals (3-0)
Marlins over Braves (3-0)
Marlins over Nationals (3-0)
Pirates over Marlins (3-0)
Pirates over Padres (2-1)
Brewers over Pirates (3-0)
Brewers split DBacks (2-2)
Brewers over Pirates (2-0)
Brewers split Reds (1-1)
Brewers over Cubs (2-1)
Brewers over Marlins (3-0)
Brewers over Cardinals (3-0)
Brewers over Astros (2-1)
Twins over Brewers (3-0)

Well, look at that. Hopefully now that they are the “best team in baseball” the Twins can maybe get back to .500?

Gone Fishing

I’ll be out of town for the next week, so there won’t be any new postings here. However I have submitted some things elsewhere, so if you’re dying to read some of my stuff, check out the following.

A Look Back: Recent Twins Draft History, Part I was posted yesterday. It includes a look at the Twins first round picks over the last fifteen years and some discussion of those prospects.

Series Preview in Blog: Toronto Blue Jays will be posted at Stick and Ball Guy on Friday morning. However I have not written a preview for the White Sox series that starts next week. Check out Round 1 or Round 2 for some Sox links.

A Look Back: Recent Twins Draft History, Part II will be posted next Wednesday (5/30). It’s a look at Twins draft picks populating the farm system.

I will post the series preview here when I return, but go read it now before it gets stale. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you when I get back.