Beat the Streak


Albert Pujols

(1 for 4, 2B)

Current Streak – 0
Longest Streak – 18

I. Kinsler
R. Zimmerman
A. Rowand
A. Rios
J. Morneau
S. Schumaker
I. Suzuki
J. Mauer
S. Victorino
F. Lopez
R. Braun
C. Crawford
M. Cabrera
C. Lee
C. Beltran
R. Branyan
F. Sanchez
A. Pujols

Chipper Jones

(0 for 3, BB)

Beat the Streak


Scott Hairston

(2 for 4, HR)

Current Streak – 10
Longest Streak – 10

Y. Escobar
T. Hunter
W. Bloomquist*
J. Votto*
M. Young*
T. Helton
C. Ross
H. Ramirez
M. Tejada
B. Zobrist
A. Callaspo
M. Ordoñez
S. Hairston

* = no official at-bat

Casey Blake

(0 for 1)

Beat the Streak – 5/19

On a day that started with me dropping a fork and accidentally stabbing myself in the foot at 6 A.M., it stands to reason that my soccer team would lose, the Twins would lose, and my hitting streak wouldn’t even get a chance to get off the ground. Blah.

Today is a new day. I feel good about this one.


Justin Upton (Game Postponed)

Current Streak – 0

Longest Streak – 8

Yunel Escobar

Beat the Streak – 5/14

I was going to write another post, but that 13 inning roller coaster of a game last night required all of my attention.  So I’m taking the easy way out today;  No blog post and Pujols as my BTS hitter.


Denard Span (1 for 5)

Current Streak – 6

J. Mauer
M. Cabrera
M. Teahan
V. Martinez
O. Hudson
D. Span

Longest Streak – 6

Albert Pujols

Beat the Streak – 5/11

I decided I’m going to keep track of my Beat the Streak choices here (Beat the Streak is an fantasy game – pick a player each day, if they get a hit, your streak continues.  If not the streak ends).

My latest streak started on Friday with Joe Mauer.


Joe Mauer

(2 for 5, HR)

Miguel Cabrera

(2 for 4)

Mark Teahan

(2 for 4, 2 2B)

Current Streak – 3

J. Mauer
M. Cabrera
M. Teahan

Longest Streak – 3

Victor Martinez

I’m keeping it in the AL Central for now. If you’ve got picks, leave them in the comments.