CW Survivor – Challenge 12: Fortunately, Unfortunately

Given a prompt, write a story whose sentences alternate beginning with “fortunately” and “unfortunately”.

I tried out for the team so I could meet chicks.

Fortunately, I’ve already met a few, hiding in the dugout.
Unfortunately, I can’t get them to tell me their names.
Fortunately, none of us are going anywhere until after the game, so I’ve got time.
Unfortunately, they really didn’t like it when I tried to pick them up.
Fortunately, my attempt made them finally notice me.
Unfortunately, it’s immediately apparent that they’re needy, loud, and obnoxious.
Fortunately, I know that the fastest way to their heart is through the stomach.
Unfortunately, while I was digging for worms, I didn’t see the line drive that broke my jaw and, after bouncing off my face, drove in the game-winning run for the other team. Chicks are nothing but trouble.

B: Ha! I knew someone would go this direction. Good job holding off until the end, and whoa, this dude has issues.

4 points out of 6

I have one class left before I finish my major.

Unfortunately, I left college twenty years ago.
Fortunately, my field hasn’t changed much.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a reputable Sanskrit program these days.
Fortunately, I think it will soon come back into fashion.
Unfortunately, no one believes my theory this dead language will be the language of the undead.
Fortunately, that means I’ll be the one who leads humanity in their fight against the zombie horde.
Unfortunately, the zombie uprising is starting right now.
Fortunately, I’m one of the few who were prepared. This is my moment!

K: You know, one of my all-time favorite entries to this challenge also involved zombies, and I’m not really a zombie enthusiast. Still, I love this one as well, particularly the initial Sanskrit line and the idea that it’s likely to be the language of the dead.

3 points out of 6

Our team ended up the low scorer this time around.  So I had to spend the immunity chip I earned earlier in the game.  Now I’m out there with no safety net.

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