The Real March Madness – The Exciting Conclusion

Love this comic - drawn by Eric Poole (the husband of one of my co-workers)


So here we are.  It’s down to two possible winners and it could easily be decided in the very first game.  At the latest, it will be decided tonight.


Notre Dame v. Minnesota Duluth (Thursday – 4 PM Central)

If you’re cheering for Mom (and you had better be – it’s my mom) you’re cheering against Minnesota Duluth.  Rhu_Ru wins if the Bulldogs do.

UPDATE:  Minnesota-Duluth continues to ride that power play and wins 4-3.  Pretty exciting final minutes and it keeps the possibility of an all WCHA final alive.

Oh, and it also decides our little competition.  Congratulations to Rhubarb Runner, who still has a nearly flawless bracket.  You sir, have my undying admiration.

Michigan v. North Dakota (Thursday – 7:30 PM Central)

This game no longer decides anything except second place.  So hey, lets lay that out there.  Andrew can take second if Michigan wins.  If North Dakota wins, then AZSioux nails down the runner-up spot.  Neither of them win anything for second place, but then you could argue that Rhu_Ru didn’t win much for first either.  It’s that kind of a competition.

UPDATE:  What a game by the Michigan goaltender.  He absolutely stole this one as the Wolverines win 2-0.  This ensures that no one will get the champion correct for the second straight year.  This concludes the real March Madness bracket competition.  Please enjoy the championship game Saturday night.


Here’s the winning bracket – Rhu_Ru

3 thoughts on “The Real March Madness – The Exciting Conclusion

  1. Fine work, my little grasshopper.
    Your little brother won his bracket dealie by nailing the first round and then picking UMD as the winner.

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