March Madness, For Real This Time (3rd Annual)

See the post above this one for the exciting conclusion to this prestigious prognostication proceeding.


North Dakota beats a tired Denver team to lock up the third Frozen Four spot.  That finishes off quite a few brackets and eliminates Spookymilk from title contention.  We’re down to 3 with a a chance to win it outright (Rhu_Ru, Buffalo, Mom) and Freealonzo,  who can still tie for the top spot if things break right.

By the way – this means I went 0 for 8 in the basketball final four and the hockey frozen four.  Please observe the ‘horrible prognostication’ tag.

Notre Dame wins over New Hampshire to complete the field for the Frozen Four (beginning 4/7).  Buffalo and Freealonzo are thus eliminated from contention.

Congrats to Andrew and Rhubarb_Runner who each correctly called 3 of 4 Frozen Four teams.

Standings – (Bracket graphics updated through Day 3):


  • If the Championship game is Notre Dame v. Michigan, Mom wins.
  • All other scenarios result in Rhubarb_Runner winning the pool.


In a game that almost everyone picked for UND, they were comfortably ahead 5-0 after the second.  They sail through pretty easily.

There goes another of my Frozen Four teams.  Miami loses 3-1 to New Hampshire.

If Western Michigan beats Denver, my Frozen Four is all eliminated in the first round (they’re in [edit: double] overtime).

Denver wins in double OT.  I still have a chance to get a Frozen Four team right! (no one else seems very excited about this).

Notre Dame gets kind of a fluky goal in overtime (4 of 8 first round games went to OT) to send them onward.

Your first Frozen Four team is Minnesota-Duluth defeating Yale.

The second Frozen Four team is Michigan holding off Colorado College.

Standings – (bracket graphics updated through Day 2):

  • Mom (8 points | 28 possible)
  • Rhu_Ru (8 points | 28 possible)
  • Freealonzo (8 points | 22 possible)
  • Spookymilk (8 points |  16 possible)
  • Andrew (7 points | 15 possible)
  • Buffalo (6 points | 26 possible)
  • AZSioux (6 points | 24 possible)
  • Beau (5 points | 7 possible)
  • Me (4 points | 6 possible)
  • DK (3 points | 5 possible)
  • AMR (2 points | 2 possible)


UM-Duluth wins the first game (and I lose my first Frozen Four team).  And we’re off.

Nebraska-Omaha loses to Michigan on a ridiculous replay review in overtime. (Will I get any games right?  Stay tuned!)

My picks finally get off the schneid with Yale’s OT winner.

Finishing with a bang, BC loses to Colorado College (only RPI got fewer picks than CC in our little pool). Beau, Andrew, and DK had BC to win it all.

Standings after Day 1 – (click on the name to see that person’s bracket):

  • Spookymilk (3 points)
  • Freealonzo (3 points + 1 Frozen Four team eliminated)
  • AZSioux (2 points)
  • Mom (2 points + 1 Frozen Four  team eliminated)
  • Rhu_Ru (2 points + 1 Frozen Four team eliminated)
  • AMR (2 points + 1 Frozen Four team eliminated)
  • Buffalo (2 points + 2 Frozen Four teams eliminated)
  • Andrew (2 points + Champion eliminated)
  • Beau (2 points + Champion eliminated)
  • Me (1 point + 2 Frozen Four teams eliminated)
  • DK (1 point + Champion and Frozen Four team eliminated).

The NCAA hockey tournament starts Friday afternoon, so hurry and download the NCAA hockey Frozen Four brackets (available below). Fill them out and confuse your friends when you complain about Merrimack busting your bracket.

I’ll take all comers in the third annual Daneeka’s Ghost Hockey Madness Sweepstakes. Winner gets … I don’t know … my undying admiration.

Last year’s winner: Freealonzo (Who only won because the Badgers are worthless.)

Will anyone unseat freealonzo’s deathgrip on the title this year? I hope so, because I’m awful tired of admiring him.

I’ll update my picks and keep standings and all that on this post, so put your picks in the comments (or email them to daneekasghost [at] and check back to see how things go.

39 thoughts on “March Madness, For Real This Time (3rd Annual)

    • Round 1: Air Force, Duluth, Miami, Merrimack, CC, Omaha, North Dakota, Denver
      Round 2: Duluth, Miami, Colorado College, North Dakota
      Round 3: Duluth, North Dakota
      Championship: North Dakota Fighting Sioux is national champion… again

  1. I’m going to the Div III final four this weekend. I know even less about those guys, but it should be fun.

    round 1: Yale, Duluth, North Dakota, Boston College, New Hampshire, Merrimack, Denver, Omaha

    round 2: Yale, Merrimack, Boston College, Denver

    round 3: Yale, Boston College

    Final: Boston College

  2. How did I miss this last year?

    Round 1: Air Force, Duluth, NH, ND, BC, Mich, ND, W. Mich

    Round 2: Duluth, ND, BC, ND

    Round 3: Duluth, BC

    Champ: BC

  3. We have already increased our number of entrants from last year, making this the most contested DG Hockey Madness Sweepstakes ever!

    Union over Yale
    Miami over Notre Dame
    BC over Neb.-Omaha
    Denver over N. Dakota

    Miami over BC for the title.

    • First round = 1 pt
      Second round = 2 pts
      Third round = 4 pts
      Champion = 8 pts

      I have to say, that in the past two years, it’s never really been close so this scoring system hasn’t really been put to the test.

      In the event of a tie, I will develop a byzantine tiebreaker system which is specifically designed to favor my own entry over anyone else.

  4. Yale def. Duluth
    New Hampshire def. Merrimack
    Michigan def. Boston College
    Denver def. UND

    Yale def. New Hampshire
    Denver def. Michigan

    Yale def. Denver

    • If you hit on Denver over the Sioux in this round, it will give you some breathing room.

  5. Round 1: Yale, Union, New Hampshire, Notre Dame, Boston College, Michigan, North Dakota, Denver

    Round 2: Union, New Hampshire, Boston College, North Dakota

    Round 3: New Hampshire, North Dakota

    Winner: New Hampshire

    • Could be lights out for everyone else if North Dakota and UNH get to the finals. 50%/25% chances but it looks interesting for you half way through the first round.

  6. I really wanted to pick a ND/ND final, but instead went with Rensselaer to the Frozen Four.

    8: Yale, Union, Miami, Merr, CC, N-O, RPI, WMich
    4: Yale, Miami, N-O
    2: Miami, Neb-Omaha
    1: Miami of Ohio

  7. I can’t believe BC scored 20 seconds in and then got swamped by a team like CC. That’s about as shocking as Holy Cross over Gophers except that at least CC is a known hockey school.

    • Swamped is the perfect word for it. I only watched a bit of the second period, but still managed to see 3 CC goals (including a shorthanded 2 on 1) that happened so fast, I was double checking to see if they were replaying the previous goal.

  8. What was the controversy with the Michigan OT goal? Our paper (yes, the Independent is covering NCAA hockey – at least the wire service feed) said the video review took 10 minutes. Were they checking my picks and ruling against me??

    • The puck was under the leg pad of the goalie. Ruled no-goal on the ice, the goal was awarded even though there was no clear view of the puck over the line.

      Not an easy call, but I was surprised they reversed the on-ice official’s call.

  9. Great graphic links, D.

    By the way, SpookyM currently has your undying admoration and FreeA has it stored up from last year so it could just as well go to Rhu Ru’s brother.

    • North Dakota looks pretty darn good so far. Plus you’ve got the CC call in the first round. Not to jinx you or anything, but things look promising at this point.

  10. If Yale and Michigan win in second round, I am done. Could find a way to win if only one of the two wins but it would look more promising with both out. Mom could get in with Notre Dame and Duluth doing well in next round and Rhu Ru needs Duluth to win next round for a chance. Probably comes down to second round for SpookyM and FreeA for champion, though.

    I used to coach track at UND so I would trade a last place finish for an 8th Sioux NCAA title. (Second to last place finish in For Real This Time since AMR went with RPI.)

    • Miami v. UNH and Miami is the notorious choke artist? I find that claim dubious at best.

    • I was talking more Miami getting to Frozen 4. Miami v. New Hampshire is a sucker’s bet either way.

    • Nothing but admiration at stake here, when you’ve got picks like mine, you learn quick to never put money on them.

    • I will send you a 15% off coupon at the Ralph Englestad Arena if UND wins the next two games. That and an industrial sized dose of undying admoration from the Big D. will get you about what you allready have. Kind of a fine line between winner of the pool and consolation 5th runner-up.

    • well, you out-predicted me, that’s for sure, that’s probably worth something.

  11. You could have made good money going against my picks (but then you’d have to make your own choices in the second round).

    • Yeah, if W. Michigan could have pulled off the upset of Denver, you would be set….

      Or maybe if BC didn’t lose in their first game. That probably would have helped you too.

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