CW Survivor – Challenge 7: Create-a-Challenge Grab Bag

Given a bunch of challenge options (gathered from submissions to the previous challenge), choose one and complete it.

I chose to create a movie and then review it.

Life is Peachy

Given the fact that we have seen jukebox musical movies return to a viable genre in recent years (Across the Universe, Mama Mia!, etc.)  It was only a matter of time until someone took it too far.  Now we have “Life is Peachy” featuring the music of Korn.

The story follows Jonathan, a kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing child who is going insane (because of the pain in his brain).  To say that he has a rough childhood is understatement, and “Life is Peachy” makes no effort toward subtlety in dealing with his various trials and tribulations.  The pain (in his brain that’s driving him insane) doesn’t need to be portrayed by the actors because we are forced to see every bruise and indignity as it happens.

At the same time, this movie has the sheen and slick production that makes it hard to get inside the protagonists brain (that is in pain, and going insane).  Rather the whole thing seems like it’s a coldly calculated attempt to pander to disaffected youth.  The reader may ask whether disaffected youth of this generation are familiar with the music of Korn.  This critic would say that the makers of “Life is Peachy” missed their release date by about 10 years.

Unfortunately, Korn’s music really doesn’t translate well into any medium other than its original (case in point – and this movie is no exception.  The first song is “Make Me Bad”, which is a command the director seems to have taken to heart.  The music seems particularly unsuited for a musical due to its lack of narrative, instead just spewing a general feeling of anger.  That emotion comes through in this movie very well.  By the time I left the theater I was plenty angry.

Rating – I demand hazard pay if I’m going to have to see movies like this.

K: The runner with the song lyrics repeated in parenthetical form was pretty funny, but it seemed like this idea had more legs than it showed.

3 points out of 5

B: This was the first song I’ve ever heard by Korn, so hopefully there’s no inside jokes I missed. But I liked the running parenthetical joke a lot.

3 points out of 5

Conceived and written at the last second.  That’s becoming the theme of this version of survivor for me.  If I had devoted more time, I think there’s a much better entry in this idea.

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