CW Survivor – Challenge 4: 20 Questions (Team)

Given the answers, our team had to come up with the questions. My contributions are below:

Well, first things first, as they say.

The prophecy says we won’t escape until I’m pregnant, what are we going to do?

This answer was modified into something less clever by my teammates, and so never received judgment.

Jesus was not amused

Peter denied him the bread three times?


That’s what the postman said, but I didn’t believe him

No, I didn’t give birth to our son yet, why did you think the male was here?

Someone else suggested the male/mail thing, but this horrible pun was my doing.

Her choice of undergarments was definitely interesting.

How did she get the nickname “Old Ironsides”?

I thought it would be the lead singer, but it ended up being the drummer.

Most enjoyable post-Beatles career, John or Ringo?

I wanted to, but then Stalin said no.

I’ve never seen anyone eat as much as you did last night, did you purge?


The team won 5 of the 20 points and ended up in last place. One team member down, 6 of us remain.

5 thoughts on “CW Survivor – Challenge 4: 20 Questions (Team)

  1. Okay, this prophecy example makes way more sense than the modified version. I’m still not sure if I would have voted for it, but I would have given it serious consideration.

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