CW Survivor – Challenge 1: Fiction 59

As always, the contest begins with a story told in exactly 59 words.

Trevor shoveled until the hole was complete. Now he had to figure out how to fill it. Boss’s self-contradicting command “Kill the snitch and bury him in the desert,” rang in his ears as his gun fired. As Trevor’s body fell into the hole, the elaborate pulley system began to tilt the sand down around him. Job well done.

KELLY: Wow…Trevor is one loyal dude. I won’t forget this one.

5 out of 5 points

BEAU: Elaborate pulley system. Love it! Unfortunately, “self-contradicting” gives this one away maybe a split second before it should, but it is totally saved by the ending. Job well done, indeed!

In fact, this entry rated as my favorite this week.

5 out of 5 points

Off to a good start.  This one fell together nicely as I wrote it (my first draft was only 67 words, pretty easy to shave it down).  Trevor is one loyal snitch all right, I had some backstory in mind that might have made sense of that particular dichotomy, but I only had 59 words, so the world will never know.

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