A Completely Random Writing Thing

For no reason at all, I decided to write a story that followed this basic plot (stolen from The Berenstein Bears and the Bad Habit)

Sister – I have a bad habit.

Mama – I’ll give you money if you stop.

Sister – Cash up front.

Mama – Ok.

Sister – Done.

My sister always had the fastest hands I ever saw. If you gave her a set of playing cards, she could have them in order from ace to king before you could count to ten. It was always fun to play those games against her, because no one else could do what she did. It was those fast hands that got her in trouble.

The fourth time the answer key disappeared from right under the teacher’s nose, she got caught and sent to the principal’s office. He called our parents.

The principal wanted my sister to see a special doctor who would help stop her from stealing things. Mama was upset and didn’t want her to go, but my sister said she would do it. She said that she realized it was wrong and was setting a bad example for me. She started to cry and everyone rushed to console her.

Mama agreed to pay for the doctor, but the first day my sister went to see him, Mama didn’t have enough money. She asked my sister to ask the doctor if she could pay him next time, but my sister wasn’t gone very long before she came back and said that she needed money to pay the doctor today or he wouldn’t make her better.

I ran up to my room and pulled the principal’s fat wallet from the depths of my sock drawer. My sister gave me back half the money when she got home.

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