WGOM CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 17 – Describe the Sensation

Pretend you’re trying to explain sight to a blind man, or smell or taste or touch or whatever to a person who can’t, on their own, enjoy such feelings.

I know you don’t want to do this.  I’ve done this before, with others like you, and trust me, “seeing” the sunrise is a life changing experience.  I’ll do my best to describe it to you.  Imagine you’re alone in an empty concert hall before the orchestra arrives.  The engineered acoustics of the place amplify your footsteps and reinforce just how alone you are.  That surreal feeling of isolation is the look of the world just before dawn.  You choose a seat and sit, taking in the silence and the anticipation of the everyday activity, the music that will soon consume this place.  Now it lies dormant, awaiting the awakening of those who will breathe life into the day.  Your subconscious can’t help but exaggerate the small sounds of the hall, the diffuse light of pre-morning, but they are pale next to the fury, the beauty, and the pain of that first note of the symphony, that first ray of pure sunlight reaching over the horizon to burn your cursed vampire flesh to ash.

SPOOKY: So, again, [deciding immunity] is not going to be easy. Who could be unable to “see” a sunrise, I asked myself? Who could “see” but couldn’t…ooooohhhhh. If there’s anything to complain about here, it’s that all the entries so far are apples and oranges. How does one compare apples to oranges?!

BEAU: Heh heh. I already thought this was a fairly good description for a blind man before I got to the ending. Nice. But do vampires have a subconscious? [Editor’s note: No, they don’t, because they’re not real.]


This was hard.  No immunity for me this week, so hopefully I’ll be back with another challenge next week.

3 thoughts on “WGOM CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 17 – Describe the Sensation

    • So it appears you didn’t do the Extrapolation challenge (unless you did, and you’re just going to post it after results are up).

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