WGOM CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 14 – Meeting of the Mimes

Write a story where the two main characters do not speak.  One of the main characters should end the story in a much better situation, while the other will end up in a much worse situation.

Formatting was important to this one, so I’ve tried to get it right, although it’s difficult with HTML:


Joey took a huge bite of his triple decker
peanut butter sandwich just as the girl he
had a crush on came through the door.
Despite his best efforts to hastily wash it all
down with a glass of milk, he was unable to
utter a word before she was gone.

She lunged for him as he lay on the couch, and the struggle for power was on.  He had held sway over her for too long.  Now, with the element of surprise on her side, she was going to turn the tables.

The Little Red Schoolhouse World
Championship Match had entered its 8th
hour  with neither contestant showing any
signs of weakness.

On the other side of the paper-thin walls, Mrs. Busybody sat with her hand reaching for the phone.  She had already threatened to call the cops twice this week.  If any more sounds of struggle came through the wall, she wouldn’t hesitate.  The cops wouldn’t buy the “playful wrestling” story again.

Too late, Detective Smith realized the chef
who had prepared the pufferfish was the
same person observed hanging around the
murder scene earlier today.  A quickly
swelling throat prevented the detective from
making a sound as the room went dark.

One well-placed knee ended the wrestling match.  The victor triumphantly waved the remote control in the face of the vanquished and changed the channel one last time.

The formerly frumpy introvert appeared at
the top of the stairs after her makeover, and
her mother was struck speechless as she
tried to hold back tears of joy at her
daughter’s transformation.


SPOOKY: So, yeah. This is the best week ever. This one was sent as a doc because the formatting is important; the entry is so one-of-a-kind that the meaning could get lost without it. As is, however, it’s far beyond what I’d imagined here, appearing to be on a large scale but turning out to be pretty mundane. Oh, and the name “Mrs. Busybody” is perfectly obvious here.

5 points out of 5

BEAU: This is the most surreal entry I’ve ever seen. It really stretches the borders of the outline of this challenge, but we want to reward ingenuity, not strangle it. The rapid changes are actually effective, and the main narration stays clear. Mrs. Busybody’s appearance is brilliant. And pufferfish murders are always fun. Thanks for this.

5 points out of 5


The love parade continues.  This came about because I had brainstormed a whole bunch of reasons for my characters to be silent, but hadn’t really nailed down a plot.  I went with it and included them all with a little bit of misdirection, and everything kind of fell into place.  The teams merged after this challenge with 8 players remaining, 4 from each team.  I get the feeling this finish is going to be nuts.

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