WGOM CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 9 – Six Word Evaluations (Team Event)

Sum up the prompt in exactly 6 words.

The Bubonic Plague

Unpopular, but inspired classic nursery rhyme.


Ancient city loves J Geils Band

Winner! – 1 point

Don Corleone

Offer-Refusal Ratio off the charts

Winner! – 1 point

Jack the Ripper

Killed hookers before GTA popularized it

Larry the Cable Guy

Like Karl Hungus.  Never fixes cable.

Winner! – 1 point


Sometimes there is only one urinal

Winner! – 1 point

Christians vs. Lions

That’s one win on Detroit’s schedule

Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet

Death fitting “pun”-ishment for terrible wordplay

Winner! – 1 point


The team would win 11 of the 19 available points and draw first blood in the epic battle of the last two teams standing.

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