WGOM CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 6 – Create-a-Challenge

Create your own creative writing challenge.  Best idea gets implemented as the final challenge.

The Toynbee Challenge

Today is the day that the time machine returns from its journey. You have been offered the chance to interview the intrepid time-traveler and write a piece for your website/magazine/newspaper/personal diary.

Write a story that details the time-traveling journey, and any interesting events experienced either on the journey, or once the past/future destination was reached.


Something in the present has been changed by the actions of the traveler (anything goes, from large scale to seemingly unimportant changes). Whether the assembled multitudes are aware of the change is left up the submitter.

The time-traveler is (thanks to an online vote) either an athlete or a TV/movie star. The other remaining Spookymilk Survivor contestant(s) must also make token appearances. Appearances by Kelly Wells (either one) and/or Beau are frowned upon.

Your editors are lovable, idiosyncratic eccentrics who will assign your article a score based on what they call a “sliding scale”. No one knows what this means, but it essentially boils down to this:

1 – Creativity in the manner in which the guidelines are followed (i.e. – your choice of famous time traveler and consequence) (0-5 points)
2 – Hilarity (or poignance if things take a dramatic turn) of the cameo(s) by the other contestant(s) (0-5 points)
3 – Integration of the time-travel consequence. How well does the change serve the plot? (0-5 points)
4 – Overall enjoyabilitude (I know it’s not a word, but I told you they were eccentric) (0-5 points)

SPOOKY: While I would never frown upon seeing myself appear in the challenge because of my massive ego, this is perfection all the same. It has equal opportunity for humor and poignance and is like nothing I’ve ever run here. Oh, and one last note: whenever I want to talk about a forced curve/tier system, what comes out is “sliding scale” because I had a college professor who referred to it that way for some reason. Stupid prof, make ME look like I don’t know what I’m talking about…

6 points on forced curve (6 points max)

BEAU: I think someone knows both Spooky and I are in love with time travel stories. This could be a fantastic final challenge.

6 points on forced curve (6 points max)


This one surprised me. When I submitted it, I thought it had an outside chance at 4 points, comfortably in the top, but not the best one.  Surprise!  Both judges loved it, which goes to show their good taste, I guess.  Plus I got to get in a joke about Spooky’s bizarre scoring systems.  Everybody wins!

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