WGOM CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 2 – 20 Questions (Team Event)

Given 20 prompts by the judges, as a team we came up with 20 responses – I was responsible for a few of them, and some of them even tickled the judges fancy:

Worst way to begin your speech as best man.

Treating it like a baseball team winning the pennant. (i.e., screaming and jumping for joy, berating the friends and family of the happy couple for ‘not believing in them’, strapping on swim goggles and spraying the wedding party with champagne, etc.)

What Lady Gaga would tell us if she popped by the WGOM.

What am I drinking? This.  The #1 beer in the world!!!

Winner! – 1 point

The headline we never saw the day after Dewey did not defeat Truman.


Winner! – 1 point

What Rhett’s final words to Scarlett would have been had Gone With The Wind been made in 2009.


Who Spooky will thank when he wins an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Statfreak, for the idea behind his Pearl Harbor war epic, “Battle Over, War Over”


Well, 2 out of 5 is OK, I guess.  Our team didn’t do a whole lot better – only 5 wins out of 20 questions.  But, we barely squeaked by without having to eliminate anyone thanks to the Harry Truman answer being the judges overall favorite.  Moving on to the next challenge, hoping for a little better results.

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