CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 11 – Fakebook

Open and create a fictional profile on Facebook of a struggling 23-year-old performance artist from the West Coast. Profile must feature margarine, an iPad and Crayons.

Before you see this, know that the other two guys in the final three essentially withdrew, making it academic, but nonetheless, I spent some time on this one, so here is Spooky’s introductory post and the Facebook wall I created.

SPOOKY’s THOUGHTS:  Well, Big Mak  did a mighty fine job with the thing, going far beyond what I expected by creating friends (if you can call them that) for the user, a progressive storyline on the main page and a pretty cute bit with margarine.  So, it seems this game is ending with a bit of a thud since there were only two finalists and one lobbied for the other to win, but it’s still worth it to see the winner’s webpage:

Honestly, I had more before the rather abrupt ending there, but I kind of ran out of steam.  Turns out it didn’t matter because I won the damn thing by default.  Hooray for me!

It was kind of surreal that I managed to win the thing, but I had a blast putting most of my entries together, and just wanted to take one last chance to thank Spooky for putting this whole great mess together.

2 thoughts on “CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 11 – Fakebook

  1. You’re welcome. I enjoy doing it, even though occasional headaches are a given.

    Looking back and reading all these, I’m struck by three things:

    1) The challenges are, by and large, way better this time than last.
    2) The players are, by a long shot, way more dependable this time than last.
    3) You’re writing way better stuff this time than last. I don’t know if you’re getting better, you’re more inspired by better challenges, you’re more threatened by other good players or what, but it’s pretty obvious.

    Anyway, it was cool to read all of these again.

    • Agreed on all three points.

      As to why my stuff is better, I think it’s more of a willingness to go for it and bend the challenge to my style instead of the other way around (which I feel is what happened sometimes the first time around). So, more confidence, I guess?

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