March Madness – Now I’m Serious

[FROZEN FOUR UPDATE] – The Frozen Four are: Miami, BC, RIT, Wisconsin.  Semifinals are Thursday.  Until then – this is how things stand.

Current standings:

Freealonzo – 11 (Denver)
Big Mak – 7 (Wisconsin)
Zooomx – 6 (St. Cloud St.)
Rhu_Ru – 3 (UND)
Mrs. Mak – 3 (Miami)


[DAY 2 UPDATE] – First two Frozen Four teams are RIT and Wisconsin. Miami, Michigan, Yale, and BC battle it out today to decide the last two.

Current standings:

Freealonzo – 7 (Denver)
Big Mak – 5 (Wisconsin)
Zooomx – 4 (St. Cloud St.)
Rhu_Ru – 3 (UND)
Mrs. Mak – 1 (Miami)


[DAY 1 UPDATE] – Winners on the opening day were Rochester, Wisconsin, St. Cloud State, and New Hampshire.

6 more games today – so these will change quickly, but here are the current standings (nobody expected Denver to lose, so no one has pulled away just yet).

E-6 – 4 (not-Duke won all 4 games)
Big Mak – 2 (lost 1 Frozen Four team – Cornell)
Zooomx – 2 (lost 1 Frozen Four team – Cornell)
Freealonzo – 2 (lost champion – Denver)
Rhu_Ru – 1 (lost 1 Frozen Four team – Denver)
Mrs. Mak – 0


The NCAA hockey tournament starts Friday afternoon, so hurry and download the NCAA hockey Frozen Four brackets here (NCAA Men’s Hockey 2010 Bracket). Fill them out and confuse your friends when you complain about Alaska-Fairbanks busting your bracket.

I’ll take all comers in the second annual Daneeka’s Ghost Hockey Madness Sweepstakes. Winner gets … I don’t know … my undying admiration.

Last year’s winner: Freealonzo (Who correctly picked BU as champion and was the only entrant to successfully identify a Frozen Four team)

My 2010 picks:

No this does not mean that I will actively cheer for the Badgers.

20 thoughts on “March Madness – Now I’m Serious

  1. First Round Winners – Miami, Brrmidgi, UND, BC, Denver, Cornell, SCSU Huskies, Wisc

    Final Four – Miami, UND, Cornell, SCSU Huskies

    Champion – The Huskies get their revenge and beat the Fightin’ Sue 6-5 in Double OT

    • That’s three entries and three different champions.

      Of course all three are from the WCHA, can you tell we’re from MN?

  2. You know it’s March when Zoomx comes out of the woodwork once again only to be disappointed by his beloved Huskies. Heck who knows, they might even finally win a game this year.

    I’ll get my picks out soon, have to defend my title.

  3. Here you go:

    First Round: Miami, Michigan, North Dakota, BC, Denver, Cornell, SCSU, Wisconsin

    Final Four: Miami, BC, Denver, Wisconsin

    Champion: Denver over BC

    Hah, now all 4 WCHA teams have some love. I was this close to picking BC, however.

    • Nobody likes my Alaska-Fairbanks pick, eh?

      We’ll see who’s laughing after that one on Saturday (hint: It probably won’t be me.)

    • You think it will go poorly just because I haven’t seen any college hockey all year? That’s why the ‘Horrible Prognostication’ tag gets such a workout around here.

    • you had a real good day yesterday.

      I’ve already outperformed last year’s debacle by getting 1 team of the Frozen Four correct.

    • On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, my bracket couldn’t be any less perfect, but I still stand a pretty reasonable chance of winning this thing.


    BC wins it all – Freealonzo wins it all
    Wisconsin wins it all – Big Mak wins it all
    Miami wins it all – Mrs. Mak wins at least a share
    RIT wins it all – Freealonzo wins at least a share

    If Miami beats Wisconsin in the championship, Mrs. Mak and I tie and we settle it via arm-wrestling.

    If RIT beats Miami in the championship, Freealonzo and I tie, and it is decided by a vote from the third place finisher (love you, honey!).

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