CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 7 – Fortunately, Unfortunately

Given two prompts, write 20 alternating lines that begin with ‘fortunately’ or ‘unfortunately’.

I am standing in an Irish pub, wearing a kilt.
Unfortunately, no one else is, and i’m getting some looks.
Fortunately, I think I can use this as a conversation starter.
Unfortunately, you run away as soon as I approach.
Fortunately, you weren’t running from me.
Unfortunately, the knife-wielding assasins followed you into the kitchen.
Fortunately, you manage to fight them off.
Unfortunately, the fight is over before I can help you, but I was about to jump in, I swear.
Fortunately, I’m able to talk you into letting me join your ninja spy organization.
Unfortunately, I’ll have to fake my death and leave family and friends behind.
Fortunately, I get to learn new ninja moves to add to the ones I practice in my bedroom.
Unfortunately, you ignore all the subtle hints at my bedroom ninja skills.
Fortunately, you’re my partner so I move in for a partnership-sealing embrace.
Unfortunately, you already know ninja moves. Now my arm is broken.
Fortunately, we’re still able to break into the evildoer’s headquarters.
Unfortunately, there are only seconds left before their nefarious attack is launched on the unsuspecting populace.
Fortunately, I spot the all-important self-destruct button. There! To your left.
Unfortunately, your other left. Hmm, that’s a lot of people dead.
Fortunately, I can offer my shoulder for you to cry on. I’m sensitive like that.
Unfortunately, you want to go out there and try to help people. I’m beginning to think you’re not interested in me.

SPOOKY’s THOUGHTS: That moved quickly away from the pub, now, dinnit? The “other left” gag was funny. I love the casual mention of many deaths.

BEN’s THOUGHTS: This seemed cool until I realized I couldn’t really follow it.

The other entries tended to get pretty raunchy, which I tried to avoid (for the most part).  The DVD covers approach was a hit among a few of the other players, and Spooky mentioned he thought it should win, so there’s that.  Unfortunately, Ben thought it was hard to follow and went with another entry.  So another week with no immunity.  I was getting targeted by the other alliance after this one, but our ‘secret’ alliance made their move and bounced the player who was probably the strongest in the game.  Strategy!

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