CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 5 – Six-Word Evaluations

Given a topic, come up with six words that sum it up.  Ready? Go.

Ellen on American Idol so far
A’ight, yo! Could be worse, dawg.

All midget p0rn in general
I can never finish. Too short.

Left. Left. Left. Left. Left. Left.

The Pittsburgh Pirates
Championship plan? Plunder Penguins’ Stanley Cup.


Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Caught ping pong balls. Nearly choked.

Lew Zealand of The Muppets
Fish flinger never flounders for puns.


Transvestite nightclubs
They have cheap drinks… I’ve heard.

Mixed martial arts
Human cockfighting. Not like that, pervert.

The American Civil War
Northern agresssion will not stand, man.

Airtight glass boxes: The silent killer.

2 points was OK, middle of the pack, avoiding notice.  My personal favorite answer here was the one for mimes, which got a nod from Spooky, but didn’t quite get the win.

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