CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 4 – Create-a-Challenge

Now we were tasked with creating a creative writing challenge of our own.  The winner would be used as the final challenge.

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE that is the final challenge! At this point Kelly’s tales of his misadventures hiring a HOOKER WITH A PENIS, and Ben’s blow-by-blow account of his first STINKFIST left us all DAZED AND CONFUSED, but let’s try to gather our collective wits and get this godforsaken thing over with.

The final task is to write a short story incorporating song titles into the narrative. What songs you choose is up to you; you may choose the first songs to show up when you put your iPod on shuffle, or choose songs from your favorite album, or whatever you like. The number of songs should probably be somewhere betwixt FORTY SIX & 2, so let’s say you must include at least ten song titles in your story.

Your titles should be an integral part of the story, and you are not allowed to alter the title in any way (e.g. ‘welcome to the final challenge jungle’ is unacceptable).

Attach the songs referenced in your story as a list for verification purposes and that’s pretty much it. Oh, wait, WHERE IS MY MIND? I almost forgot judges criteria!

– The story itself – Did it entertain? Did it have the emotional impact of a metaphorical RUNAWAY TRAIN?

– Were the titles smoothly, seamlessly incorporated? Or did your choice of STRING QUARTET NO. 6 not make any sense?

– Tiebreaker – how many of the songs are currently on my iPod? Because if I’m creating this challenge I’m using every tool at my disposal to PUSHIT in my favor.


(that reminds me – any Black-Eyed Peas reference means immediate and automatic disqualification)

SPOOKY’s THOUGHTS:  Huh. Have we done this before? Not quite. I like it as a challenge (and believe me, I appreciate the wealth of Tool titles here) but I’m not entirely sure I like it as a final challenge. Let’s see what else we have.

No Immunity

Spooky’s being nice here, I had no ideas for this, and I think it showed.  Anyway, there was a non-submission, so even after the merge I wasn’t worried about elimination.


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