CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 3 – 20 Questions (Team Event)

The judges gave us 20 lines for which we, as a team, had to provide (hopefully) witty responses.  I contributed a few answers and even won a few.

Describe the most horrible way to die.
You are racing around third base when the hitman jumps the fence, sprints onto the field, douses you in gasoline and lights you on fire. Phil Cuzzi does not call fan interference. Derek Jeter tags out your flaming corpse, and the Yankees win another World Series.

Winner.  1 point

The name of a superhero whose power is to make people crap themselves.
Dr. Poohappens
Funniest name for a pet basset hound.
Fortunato Montressor, III

Winner.  1 point

The slogan for a (Charles) Manson family reunion.
Mansons in the park: Helter Skelter at the picnic shelter

Winner. 1 point

What John Hurt should’ve said when the Alien exploded out of his stomach.
“You know, there are easier ways out of there.”

Winner. 1 point

What was the first complete sentence ever uttered in human history?
“Look, asshole, if I had taken the time to shout a warning using complete sentences, you’d have been eaten by that fucking lion.”

Winner. 1 point

5 of my 6 submitted answers won, and were key to the 8-7 victory for our team.  I wanted Dr. Shithappens (which seems funnier because it’s an actual saying) but we went the other way.  No complaints, all three of us continue on.

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