CW Survivor Archives – Challenge 2 – Create-a-Caption

Pretty self-explanatory.

Yes, it was a pain to feed and house him all the time, but Zippos just seem so impersonal. I want to have a more meaningful relationship with my lighter.


2 points out of 3

I was all excited for the Vikings playoff run this year, and I went a little overboard. “Shave my hair into a ‘4’ to represent Brett Favre, for the playoffs,” I said. Apparently the guy heard “represent Brett Favre IN the playoffs,” and took a little artistic license.

SPOOKY’s THOUGHTS: Oh, boy. How true. That’s two weeks of Favre in a row…normally only friend/enemy of the hosts Todd Karner gets that kind of notice.

2 points out of 3

(with apologies to William Carlos Williams)
according to an unknown photographer
when our host vomited
it was summer

a friend was laughing
at his own joke
the whole vibe

of the party was
joyful dancing

the bright room
around itself

staggering in the hold
of beer
number twelve

in the noise
there was

a wet belch quite unnoticed
this was
our host drowning in terrible beer

SPOOKY’s THOUGHTS: I really like this poem a lot. However, it wouldn’t be a very good “caption.” What’s with all the poem/songwriters out there? Your time will come, I promise.

1 point out of 3

Yes, I may look like an idiot on TV, but Kelly bet me $20 I wouldn’t dare get the first question wrong on purpose. Easiest money I ever made.

SPOOKY’s THOUGHTS: I’ve already read the ones on Ben’s side…if nothing else, this is the least stupid anyone has made her look. That’ll be nice for her if she ever waddles over and sees this.

2 points out of 3

Released after witnesses were unable to pick him out of a lineup.

SPOOKY’s THOUGHTS: Perfection.

3 points out of 3


10 points out of 15 wasn’t terribly good, but since the team we were up against had some non-submissions so we all survived another week.  I still like that poem.

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