A Year of Random 10

It’s been a little over a year since I started posting random 10’s on Fridays.  In 53 weeks since the first post, I posted 50 lists.  The question isn’t which band has shown up the most, the question is how many more Nine Inch Nails songs have there been than any others.

First this weeks Random 10

  • One More Time – KornUntouchables
  • Stay – Onesidezero(self-titled)
  • For All the Sin – NothingfaceViolence
  • A Story at Three – AFIThe Art of Drowning
  • N.I.B. – Black Sabbath(self-titled)
  • Electric Red – MeshuggahObZen
  • One Inch Man – KyussAnd the Circus Leaves Town
  • Rushmore – Erik FriedlanderBlock Ice and Propane
  • Tangerine – Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III
  • Just a Taste – Fiona AppleTidal

Clearly the only way to finish off a list that started with that loud of a half hour was Fiona Apple.

Of the 500 songs (not counting today’s) that showed up in random 10’s last year, 30 were by Nine Inch Nails.  The rest of the most common artists below.

  1. Nine Inch Nails (30, none of those showed up twice – I think I may have too many NIN songs…)
  2. Nirvana (28)
  3. Foo Fighters (23)
  4. Led Zeppelin (21)
  5. Tool (19)
  6. System of a Down (18)
  7. Dredg (18)
  8. The Offspring (18)
  9. Rage Against the Machine (15)
  10. AFI (10)
  11. Neil Young (10)

There were 459 different songs in those 50 lists, with 37 showing up twice and only two accomplished the three-peat (Curmudgeon by Nirvana and Enough Space by Foo Fighters – my iPod loves Dave Grohl).

This been another installment of pointless facts.  Hope you enjoyed them.

5 thoughts on “A Year of Random 10

  1. I love how Fiona Apple mucks up your rockin’ list. It’s almost like the I-pod was playing a joke on you, or needed to clear the air.

    1. Will I See You in Heaven — They Jayhawks
    2. The Drinking Jim Crow — Guided By Voices
    3. Dixie — Bob Dylan
    4. All The Same to Me — Golden Smog
    5. Misterioso — Thelonious Monk
    6. Fuck Everything — Jack Logan
    7. Dancin’ On the Bar — Fred Eaglesmith
    8. Good Night — The Beatles
    9. Big Day — XTC
    10. Ghost Town Blues — Social Distortion

    Bonus: Drinker’s Peace — Guided By Voices

    • The high school version of Big Mak was dominating the list for a bit there… Sanity had to be restored somehow.

  2. No filters on the music today, everything random…

    “Disco Suicide” – Brand X, Moroccan Roll
    “Waterfall” – Jeff Lorber, The Definitive Collection
    “The Turning Point” – Toto, The Essential Toto
    “Clap [studio version]” – Yes, The Yes Album [remastered]
    “Erpland” – Ozric Tentacles, Live at the Pongmasters
    “Structure & Discipline” – Thomas Newman, American Beauty soundtrack
    “Tijuaniac” – Alan Parsons, A Valid Path
    “Angela [Theme from Taxi]” – Bob James, All Around Town
    “Learning to Fly” – Emerson, Lake & Powell, Emerson, Lake & Powell
    “The Path of Wind (instrumental)” – Joe Hisaishi, My Neighbor Totoro soundtrack

  3. I happen to like Fiona Apple.

    1. “Country Mile” Camera Obscura Let’s Get Out Of This Country
    2. “Roll” Richard Buckner Devotion & Doubt
    3. “The Cabbage” Teenage Fanclub Thirteen
    4. “Reynardine” Anne Briggs A Collection
    5. “Honest With Me” Bob Dylan Love And Theft
    6. “Another Way I Could Do It” Sloan Never Hear the End of It
    7. “Birds” M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
    8. “The Perfect Me” Deerhoof Friend Opportunity
    9. “Don’t Explain” Cat Power Jukebox
    10. “No Glamour for Willi” Television Television

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