Crafty Veterans – Hitters

The Twins have gained a reputation for signing old free agents off the scrap heap, but how many plate appearances have gone to free agent signings on the wrong side of 30?

After the jump, a trip down memory lane, but first place your bets on how many free agents aged 31 or over the Twins gave at least 150 plate appearances to in the last 10 years.

  • Mike Redmond 931
  • Rondell White 474
  • Juan Castro 456
  • Tom Prince 412
  • Joe Crede 367
  • Henry Blanco 353
  • Mike Lamb 261
  • Jose Offerman 202
  • Tony Batista 195
  • Chris Gomez 185
  • Craig Monroe 179
  • Jeff Cirillo 174
  • Adam Everett 150
  • Quinton McCracken 70

If you guessed lucky 13 – I tip my hat to you.  Lots of backup catchers and DH/3B “solutions” in that list.

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