A Trick of Light

E-6 shot this winter video and then mounted it above his virtual fireplace last week.  I thought it was a worthy trophy from a hunt fraught with peril (mostly of the sub-zero temperature variety), and I posted a rough shot at a poem in the comments of his post.  I have tweaked it a little bit since then, and thought I would share the revised version.


A man and the sun are hidden from each other by a train.
But winter sunlight is cold, fast, and hard.
As an open boxcar hurtles past
the light dives in one side and out the other
where it easily keeps pace alongside.

The hundreds of coupled cars rattle and clatter
as the light is pulled across the ground, reflecting off snow,
contrasting brilliantly with sharp shadows.
These acrobatics of light remind him of Mayan temples,
whose snakes of shadows appear fleetingly at designated times.

From here the track turns west, into the sun.
Shadows and light realigned will no longer race with the train.
This unintended moment of cold and beauty
tells him this is the right place.
He knows this is the right time.

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