Let’s call it a year…

I’m going to be traveling all over creation over the next two weeks, so there will be little to no posting here (How’s that any different from usual?).

Find someone to snuggle up with and I’ll be back sometime around the New Year with some 2009 in review stuff.

7 thoughts on “Let’s call it a year…

    • Don’t judge me, man. Everyone needs a little ‘nip to take the edge off around the holidays.

  1. Christmas tree toppled… check.
    Carpet puked upon… check.
    Claws sharpened on the furniture… check.

    I think my work here is done. Time for a nap.

  2. Misty and I put together a random 10 (we’re really bored, and we’ve already eaten all of our food). I picked 5 songs and she picked the other 5.

    * Highway Star – Deep Purple
    * Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple
    * Space Truckin’ – Deep Purple
    * Black Night – Deep Purple
    * Child in Time – Deep Purple
    * Feed Us – Serj Tankian
    * Sleep – Onesidezero
    * Birds – Neil Young
    * Mexican Seafood – Nirvana
    * Hey, Wanna Throw Up? – Minus the Bear

    • Have you ever heard Cat Power, Misty? I think you might like her.

      (Hey, you guys are gonna straighten the place up before they get back, right? Right?!?)

  3. The humans are back! And they discovered that we didn’t shovel the driveway the whole time they were gone! Here’s eight inches of frozen snow to welcome you home, guys. Enjoy!

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