Game 33 – Minnesota Wild v. Columbus Blue Jackets


I commented on Friday that I really hate Western Canada road trips.  Then the Wild went out and played two of their best games so far (40+ shots in both Calgary and Vancouver) and if not for goaltending breaking against them both times (Kiprusoff and Luongo were good, Harding wasn’t), they would have collected 4 points in those games.

Go back and watch the Calgary game – that’s going to be a tough one to beat for game of the year.

Oh yeah, also there’s a game tonight.  The Blue Jackets come to town struggling (2-7-4 in the last 13) and they’re coming off a loss to the Predators last night.  Things are set up pretty well for the Wild.

Bold Prediction – Blue Jackets score first.

(By the way I hope everyone noticed that I got the prediction right on Saturday – directly resulting in a Wild loss.  Never again.)

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