Game 30 – Minnesota Wild @ Colorado Avalanche


Apparently a whole bunch of the Wild are sick.

Me too.

Hopefully, I’ll feel better sometime soon and get back to the high-quality game logs you’ve come to expect.

Bold Prediction – Eric Belanger with a power-play goal.

Kind of like this one (snapped from the third deck in Nashville – it was a really fun game to attend).

7 thoughts on “Game 30 – Minnesota Wild @ Colorado Avalanche

    • Working on it. Woke up this morning and felt like someone punched me in the face while I was sleeping. Mrs. Mak claims innocence, so I guess it’s just the latest phase of this cold.

    • Also he didn’t want the pattern of wrong predictions to be broken. It seems to be doing them wonders so far.

  1. This is the one opponent I don’t root for the Wild against. I’ve been an Avs fan since the Stanley Cup against Florida in 1996. I was 10, and I liked the Avalanche’s jerseys more, and I’ve been with them ever since. With the addition of the Wild, I’ve supported them as my second team.

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