It’s Not Spelled Withdrawl…

New Music

I’m forbidden from obtaining new music until after Christmas.  I think I’m going into withdrawal (on the plus side, now I know how to spell that word).

Random 10

  • Deftones – Passenger – White Pony
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Sex and Violence – No. 4
  • The Offspring – Nitro (Youth Energy) – Smash
  • Black Sabbath – War Pigs – Paranoid
  • Tool – Disposition – Lateralus
  • Tool – Rosetta Stoned – 10,000 Days
  • Atomship – Withered – The Crash of ’47
  • Static X – Otsegolation – Wisconsin Death Trip
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience – Castles Made of Sand – Axis: Bold as Love
  • System of a Down – Hypnotize – Hypnotize

8 thoughts on “It’s Not Spelled Withdrawl…

  1. Have you seen The Flaming Lips version of War Pigs with Cat Power as vocalist? Very Cool.

    1. Conversation — Gary Numan
    2. The Murder Mystery — Velvet Underground
    3. Fame Throwa — Pavement
    4. And I Love Her — The Beatles
    5. Mexico City Blues 104 — Jack Kerouac
    6. Dig For Fire — Pixies
    7. Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon — The Flaming Lips
    8. Help — Howie Day
    9. This Is Not a Photograph — Mission of Burma
    10. Blackbird — Sarah McLaclan

    Bonus: One Way Street — Bevery Williams

  2. I know some folks who speak withdrawl.

    Random soundtracks…

    “Panic” – Yasunori Mitsuda, Xenosaga
    “Absinken” – Klaus Doldinger, Das Boot (The Directors Cut)
    “Half of Me is Wild” – John Scott, Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan
    “Dangerous Woman” – Rick Wakeman, Crimes of Passion
    “Laurens, Iowa” – Angelo Badalamenti, The Straight Story
    “Chores” – Jerry Goldsmith, Fierce Creatures
    “Speargun” – James Newton Howard, Waterworld
    “Samwise the Brave” – Howard Shore, Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers
    “Treasure” – Trevor Rabin, National Treasure
    “The Far Side of the World” – Christopher Gordon, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

    • Thanks, Rhu_ru. I knew someone would jump on that joke, and my faith was rewarded.

  3. Forbidding yourself, or an outside actor is nixing any new purchases?

    1. Motion City Soundtrack – I am the Movie: “Indoor Living”
    2. The All American Rejects – Move Along: “Change Your Mind”
    3. Matchbox 20 – Yourself or Someone Like You: “Girl Like That”
    4. Lostprophets – The Fake Sound of Progress: “Kobrakai”
    5. Zwan – Mary Star of the Sea: “Baby Let’s Rock!”
    6. Mason Jennings – Century Spring: “New York City”
    7. House of Heroes – The End Is Not The End EP: “In The Valley Of The Dying Sun”
    8. Gym Class Heroes – As Cruel As School Children: “Sloppy Love Jingle, Pt. 1”
    9. Fall Out Boy – Folie a Deux: “27”
    10. Daniel Powter – Daniel Powter: “Styrofoam”

    • myself – in college I had already bought the album my brother got me for christmas two years in a row. Now I hold off in December and send him a list of suggestions.

  4. “I Spy” Pulp – Different Class
    “I Don’t Care” Television – The Blow Up
    “Little Red Riding Hood” Hit The Road Robert Wyatt – Rock Bottom
    “Candy Says” The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground
    “Keep It Clean” Camera Obscura – Underachievers Please Try Harder
    “Another Day” This Mortal Coil – It’ll End In Tears
    “Long Distance Operator” Bob Dylan & The Band – The Basement Tapes
    “Stupid Girl” The Rolling Stones – Aftermath
    “Disappear” My Brightest Diamond – Bring Me The Workhorse
    “Beast For Thee” Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Matt Sweeney – Superwolf
    “Living For The City” Stevie Wonder – Innervisions

    Thanks for the tip on Bang on a Can AS. Turns out, my friend/studio mate has that, so he’s gonna let me borrow his.

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