Game 27 – Minnesota Wild v. Anaheim Ducks


A bit of travel kept me from posting stuff on the last few Wild games, and I’m sure the Wild must have suffered in that absence.  Nonetheless they pulled through with three victories.  I’m beginning to think that perhaps these posts aren’t all that instrumental for the success of this hockey team.

Regardless, I will soldier on.  The Wild have taken advantage of the recent homestand to pull within a single victory of a 1 point per game average.  This game represents the end of the homestand, so it would be good to get one last win before hitting the road again.

Bold Prediction – Seems like every game the Wild play is decided by one goal.  Not tonight, Wild win by three!

3 thoughts on “Game 27 – Minnesota Wild v. Anaheim Ducks

  1. Is that the Ducks’ logo these days? Who does the NHL logos (the Sabres also come to mind)? I assume it’s supposed to look like both a “D” and a duck’s foot.

    • they felt they had to get away from the ‘Mighty’ Ducks stuff. I dunno, at least there was a story there.

  2. I’m not necessarily saying getting away from the “Mighty Ducks” angle is good or bad, but that goalie mask shaped like a duck actually said something about the team. If I didn’t happen to already know that Anaheim was the Ducks, that logo would be less than useless.

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