Cello Week – Day 6 – Osvaldo Golijov – Mariel

I’ve been listening to a lot of cello music lately, and I was considering throwing my hat in the ring for a week of guest DJing at the WGOM featuring some cello music, but then I realized I have my own website, and I could just have my own cello week. So rather than competing with the WGOM music video of the day, think of this as a complement.

Osvaldo Golijov is the composer that started this recent interest in modern orchestral music. We went to an outdoor concert at Ravinia in Chicago where Yo-Yo Ma played a Golijov piece, “Azul”, which was really cool. Unfortunately, I can’t find a recording or video of that piece, but here’s another Golijov cello piece. “Mariel is for cello and 7 recorded cellos. The cellist here is Maya Beiser. Enjoy.

Video after the jump.

Cello Week:

Saturday – Portland Cello Project – If Moon Was Cookie
Friday – Osvaldo Golijov – Mariel (2003)
Thursday – Györgi Ligeti – Sonata for Solo Cello (1953)
Wednesday – Michael Gordon – Industry (1992)
Tuesday – Erik Friedlander – Night White (2007)
Monday – Zoë Keating – Escape Artist (2009)
Sunday – Steve Reich – Cello Counterpoint (2003)

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