Game 19 – Minnesota Wild @ Washington Capitals


Well, that shootout loss to the Lightning kind of left a bad taste in my mouth (15 seconds away from a win! Argh!), but fortunately the Wild are right back at it as the East coast road trip continues.  The Wild’s strange luck avoiding big scoring stars looks like it might run out, after missing Gaborik and Malkin, it sounds like Ovechkin will play some in this one.

I realized the following fact last night.  In the last 11 games the Wild have allowed 1.76 goals per 60 minutes at even strength (which is not too bad).  On the other side of the coin, Minnesota has allowed 3.37 goals per 60 minutes while they are on the power play (which is very bad).  Think about that, the Wild have allowed shorthanded goals at almost double the rate they have allowed goals at even strength.  I really don’t like that.

Bold Prediction – Ovechkin will take at least 8 shots tonight, but not score.

1 thought on “Game 19 – Minnesota Wild @ Washington Capitals

  1. Ovechkin is out, Harding is in. My bold prediction is already as wrong as possible and they haven’t even dropped the puck.

    /is it the weekend yet?

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