Random 10 –

  • Over It – Dinosaur Jr. – Farm
  • Flood – Tool – Undertow
  • Make Your Own Bones – Nothingface – Violence
  • If You Could Only See – Tonic – Lemon Parade
  • Just – Radiohead – The Best Of
  • Give Your Heart Away – Black Keys – Magic Potion
  • Idiot Wind – Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks
  • Sway – Heartless Bastards – The Mountain
  • Sugar – System of a Down – (self-titled)
  • Graveyard – Butthole Surfers – Locust Abortion Technician

The Triumphant Return of the Random 10 Story

The ball of paper ejects from the desk in the general direction of the wastebasket, but sails over it and joins the flood of rejected ideas threatening to overtake you from behind.  You should call for help, but you were adamant that you wanted to make your own bones on this one.  If you could only see the thoughts put to paper match with those in your head, that would be just perfect.  You prepare to give your heart away to another attempt, but instead you stare at the blank page like an idiotWind rustles the paper mountain behind you, reminding you of past failures, trying to sway your resolve.  Instead inspiration strikes; the sweet sugar of a momentarily brilliant concept.  The rejection of your own ideas is an idea.  That ominous graveyard of crumpled thoughts behind you has a purpose, it’s all part of your process, culminating in the imagining of this new approach.

It’s perfect.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Wow, the editor was tough. :) Funny bit, Mak.

    1. “Seven Swans” Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans
    2. “Strictly Confidential” Roxy Music For Your Pleasure
    3. “Good Time Boy” Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Again
    4. “Cast Off Crown” Deerhoof Friend Opportunity
    5. “What Is The Light?” The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin
    6. “The Red Telephone” Love Forever Changes
    7. “Decay” Ride Nowhere
    8. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” The Beach Boys Pet Sounds
    9. “Day And Night” The Jim Carroll Band Catholic Boy
    10. “Hail Mary” Shearwater Palo Santo
    bonus: “I Was a Stranger” Smog Red Apple Falls

    • “Everywhere I go I’m asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is that they don’t stifle enough of them.”

      Flannery O’Connor

  2. That’s more strikethrough than a Nolan Ryan AAA rehab start!

    “Photos of Ghosts” – Premiata Forneria Marconi, Photos of Ghosts
    “Back in N.Y.C” – Genesis, Archive 1967-1975
    “Used to Bad News” – Boston, Don’t Look Back
    “Hard on Me” – Asia, Asia: Gold
    “My Only Swerving” – El Ten Eleven, El Ten Eleven
    “Closer to Heaven” – Alan Parsons Project, Gaudy
    “Kyrania” – Bjorn Lynne, Wolves of the Gods
    “Birthright” – a-ha, Analogue
    “Love Strikes” – Escobar, A Thousand Last Chances
    “Jungle Love” – Steve Miller Band, Greatest Hits 1974-78

  3. That was amazing,

    1. Pale Blue Eyes — R.E.M.
    2. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs — Minutemen
    3. Troublemaker — Weezer
    4. Mesmerizing — Liz Phair
    5. I’m Sorry For You My Friend — Hank Willams
    6. One – Aimee Mann
    7. Bad Luck — Social Distortion
    8. Kid About It — Elvis Costello
    9. Joke About Jamaica — The Hold Steady
    10. What Led Me to This Town — The Jayhawks

    Bonus: Alone + Easy Target — Foo Fighters

    • Speaking of REM, anyone checked out the new live album? I’m thinking of gifting it to my youngest brother (he’s an REM fan) for his birthday.

  4. Feist – “So Sorry” The Reminder
    The Baseball Project – “Jackie’s Lament” Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails
    Johnny Cash – “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” American Recordings
    Willie Nelson – “Funny How Time Slips Away” Songs
    Dick Prall – “Long Play” Weightless
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Storm In A Teacup” Stadium Arcadium
    Eric Clapton – “Layla (Acoustic)” Clapton Chronicles
    Old 97s – “Nineteen” Fight Songs
    Kanye West – “Last Call” College Dropout
    Staind – “So Far Away” 14 Shades of Grey
    The Who – “Behind Blue Eyes” Who’s Next

    For some reason I have a very vivid memory of Jenna Simpson, that girl from HS that every guy freshman to senior wants, singing “If You Could Only See” while we were on the bus back from a field trip to see a play or musical down at Iowa State.

    And nice pull on The Mountain. I enjoy this album a lot.

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