Game 15 – Minnesota Wild v. Vancouver Canucks


Wow, it’s been a long time since the Wild have played. Also, don’t tell anyone, but it’s been quite a while since the Wild lost a game. We’ve reached the point where one would expect the new systems of the new coaching staff to be in place. I would say that the next few weeks are going to tell us more about what kind of a team this is going to turn out to be than the first month did. First up on that quest is a division rival that the Wild get to face without having to go up against their all-world goalie. With Luongo on the shelf, it seems like a tantalizing opportunity to pick up some divisional points (the Wild have 2 so far this season, but they’ve given away 5 in 3 games).

Bold Prediction – The Wild (14th best on PP, best on PK) score at least as many power play goals as Vancouver (6th best PP, 19th on PK).

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