Game 6 – Minnesota Wild @ Edmonton Oilers


I try to inject a little bit of positive attitude with last game’s post, and what do I get? That was really ugly. I’m still going to refrain from declaring the season over, but yeesh, that game in Anaheim is certainly a low of the season.

The road trip rolls on into western Canada, where the Northwest Division portion of this season’s schedule will begin. The Oilers haven’t been too impressive thus far this season, so let’s jump on them early and get a few quick tallies. Please?

Also, it’s great when the defensemen jump into the play and pick up a goal, but so far this season, it seems like opponents are just flying through the neutral zone without resistance far too often.  Watch a few of these links to see what I mean (don’t watch all of them, in fact, skip Marleau’s goal unless you really like feeling awful about your hockey team).  The defense just can’t be aggressive in the face of that onslaught.

Selanne w/ speed

Penalty kill 2 on 0

Marleau’s goal

Watch Purcell (LA #54) because no one else on the ice is

4, count ’em, 4 Ducks waltz through center ice

Bold Prediction – Keeping it simple. Wild get at least a point tonight.

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