Game 5 – Minnesota Wild @ Anaheim Ducks


I read the Strib’s Michael Russo every day, and he’s an invaluable resource for any Wild fan.  Sometimes though, I feel like he relishes the “truth-teller” mode a little bit too much.  The Wild have had a single home game, they are clearly still adjusting to a new coach and a new system.  And yet, in the middle of a road trip that has seen a not insignificant number of forwards go down to injury, Russo calls games 5-7 “gut-check time”, and has been penning articles detailing the lack of depth in the organization.

Pardon me if I don’t buy it.  The 1-3 start is pretty awful, no one argues that.  but it’s only been four (4) games.  I resolved to give the new system at least 15 games before I start considering the path of this season determined in any way.  And I’m certainly not going to base my perceptions on a West coast road trip, which is all that’s really happened this season.

Bold Prediction – Nobody Panic.  The Wild will remain undefeated at home.

4 thoughts on “Game 5 – Minnesota Wild @ Anaheim Ducks

  1. I heard Lou Nanne talk yesterday that the Wild has virtually a bare cupboard when it comes to up and coming talent.

    I don’t necessarily mind a time sacrificing it’s future to win now. But the Wild never “won now” or even came close. How could the previous regime leave the Wild so vulnerable yet not even produce a team that went deep into the playoffs?

  2. I think they took their shot with Demitra/Gaborik and the window closed more quickly than they thought. They won the division two years ago, then lost 4 of their top 6 defensemen for their first round series with Colorado. Plenty of people saw them making a deep run that season before the injuries.

    The lack of depth is a pretty undeniable fact though and it’s a bit depressing for the future. If they hadn’t changed management, I probably wouldn’t be paying attention this year. But as it is, I think it’s silly to start judging them at this point. Let’s see what the first half of the season looks like at least.

  3. This is the sport with skates, right?

    HOOPS FOREVER!!!ones!


    BTW, Mak, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is an incredible book. (It’s on a pile of books I want to re-read–something I generally don’t do much of.) I can highly recommend Norwegian Wood and Kafka on the Shore. Aside from some work published in the New Yorker, those are all I’ve read by him. I’m just waiting for Ponyboy to send me the next book. ;-)

    • I went to the library looking for Kafka on the Shore, but it wasn’t available. I’m really enjoying this one though.

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