Best Game of the Year


So I thought I was somewhat amusing with my preview for the Wild-Ducks game in which I turned it into a Twins-Tigers preview.  Turns out I was pretty much right on as both teams came out and played their most entertaining, thrilling game of the year.

Observe the following which could apply to either of the victorious teams last night:

Things didn’t look good early as they fell behind 3-0, but this year they have a newfound offense, and they managed to chip away until, at the end of regulation, the game was tied.  In the extra frame(s) they were finally able to put away a victory, with the whole team mobbing the scorer of the final tally in celebration.

For the Twins, it starts right back up again with the Yankees tonight.  My predictions for the postseason –

Dodgers over Red Sox in the World Series (Twins and Phillies lose in the respective LCS).

For the Wild, a long five game road trip.  I’m really not expecting a whole lot out of the first 15-20 games of the season, but if they are all going to be this exciting, I can live with that.  Martin Havlat is pretty awesome (3 assists last night), but I did occaisonally find myself imploring him to pull the trigger.  Pretty great 3rd period tonight.  Let’s see if the Wild can bottle that type of play and steal a few on the road.

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