Carl Matthias

  • 10,000 Days (Wings, Part 2) – Tool – 10,000 Days
  • The Clincher – Chevelle – This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In
  • The Big Come Down – Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
  • Filthy – Nothingface – Violence
  • Change (In the House of Flies) – Deftones – White Pony
  • War? – System of a Down – (self-titled)
  • Karma Police – Radiohead – The Best Of
  • Pond Song – Dinosaur Jr. – Bug
  • Symphony of Destruction – Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction
  • I Bleed – Pixies – Doolittle

3 thoughts on “Carl Matthias

  1. 1.”If I Could Have Her Tonight” Neil Young Neil Young
    2.”Ginger” Lilys A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns
    3.”Slide” Luna Lunapark
    4.”You Get What You Deserve” Big Star No. 1 Record
    5.”Everything Flows/Range Life Medley” J Mascis & The Fog Peel Sessions
    6.”Cherry Coloured Funk” Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas
    7.”I Could Drive Forever” Smog Knock Knock
    8.”I Want You” Dylan Blonde on Blonde
    9.”Cleo” Built to Spill There’s Nothing Wrong With Love
    10.”Moonshake” Can Future Days
    bonus “Rain On Tin” Sonic Youth Murray Street

    Soho has the boots
    Noho’s got the crack
    New England has the foliage
    But I’m not goin’ back

    Luna “Slide”

  2. Long ago (1986)I went to a Megadeth concert in D.C. and picked up the waitress!

    1. The Good Life – Weezer
    2. Van Lear Rose – Loretta Lynn
    3. Up the Junction – Squeeze
    4. Punk and the Grandfather – The Who
    5. Before I Break – Uncle Tupelo
    6. Joke about Jamaica – The Hold Steady
    7. Hey You – Luther Wright and the Wrongs
    8. My Impression Now – Guided By Voices
    9. Papa was a Rodeo – Kelly Hogan and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
    10. Come una Peitra Scalciatal (Like a Rolling Stone) – Articolo 31

    Bonus – Trial of Mary Maguire – Bobby Patterson

  3. Tryin’ something different this Friday; I’m letting do the picking. Here are the first 10 “thumbs-up” tracks to pop up on random setting:

    “Ah! Leah!” – Donnie Iris, 20th Century Masters – The Millenium Collection: The Best of Donnie Iris
    “Lights over Roswell” – Djam Karet, The Devouring
    “Fall on Me” – REM, The Best of the IRS Years: 1982-1987
    “Cynical Weathers” – Burnside Project, The Finest Example is You
    “Song for America” – Kansas, Sail On: The 30th Anniversary Collection 1974-2004
    “Trans-Island Skyway” – Donald Fagan, Kamakiriad
    “Brain Damage” – Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
    “Wouldn’t It Be Good” – Nik Kershaw, Greatest Hits
    “Take Me Home Tonight” – Eddie Money, Can’t Hold Back
    “Here I Wait” – GTR, GTR

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