Twins-Royals in Pictures

Made it out to the Twins-Royals game last weekend with the family.  We got there early and checked out the ‘outfield experience’ back where there used to be nothing but fountains.  Still, you immediately know what stadium you’re in when you see this view.


It was a really nice day, which was a good thing because, due to 8 pitching changes (7 of them of the mid-inning variety) we were there for quite a while (game time was at least 3.5 hours).


From afternoon to evening…

Evening-Lights-Smallall the way into night.


Of all those pitchers, Matt Guerrier was the most impressive, getting five outs (and a save) on a night where Joe Nathan wasn’t available, and all the Twins fans in the crowd were beginning to wonder if Mike Redmond was headed out to the left field bullpen to warm up another reliever or if he would be the next Twin to take the mound.


As far as action shots, there wasn’t much, except for this timelapse sequence of Michael Cuddyer’s home run. (Admittedly, a rather extensive time lapse)  I tried to set this up as a rollover image, but apparently that’s beyond my programming capabilities.



For a while in the middle of the game, Mrs. Mak got a hold of the camera, and the result was a documentary of a Joe Mauer trip around the bases.






That run proved instrumental (well, technically they were all instrumental since the Twins won by a single run, but whatever) and we had some real tense moments in the late innings, but it was great to come out with a win.

Scorecard-Twins Scorecard-Royals

8 thoughts on “Twins-Royals in Pictures

  1. Nice pictures. I like the one of Cuddy teeing off. Your scorecards are surprisingly neat. Mine are a mess by the time the match is over. Worst one I ever kept was at a Cardinals game at the Old Busch. LaRussa is a nightmare.

    • This was one of my cleanest that’s for sure. At some point I’m going to buy a scorebook so I don’t have to constantly buy programs at the park.

    • Finally got the scanner working here, and scorecards always get thrown out eventually – so I figured this would be a good way to preserve them.

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