Random 10 – Final Chicago Edition

Thanks to those who offered congrats below.  Here’s the final Chicago random 10 (flying out to KS for good on Sun.)

  • Manic Depression – Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced?
  • Renegades of Funk – Rage Against the Machine – Renegades
  • Legions (Aftermath) – Zoe Keating – One Cello x 16: Natoma
  • No Bones – Dinosaur Jr- Bug
  • Poison – Prodigy – Music For the Jilted Generation
  • Aurora Borealis – Meat Puppets – Meat Puppets II
  • They Say – Scars on Broadway – (self-titled)
  • We Only Come Out at Night – Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  • Could Be So Happy – Heartless Bastards – The Mountain
  • Freak Scene – Dinosaur Jr – Bug

5 thoughts on “Random 10 – Final Chicago Edition

  1. Gonna find out what kind of music POPulates the ol’ external harddrive under the “Pop” genre:

    “One Way Street” – Go West, Aces and Kings: The Best of Go West
    “Ocean Breeze” – Pablo Cruise, Pablo Cruise
    “Heart of the Matter” – Jon Anderson, Song of Seven
    “Into the Wild” – Icehouse, Measure for Measure
    “Europa and the Pirate Twins” – Thomas Dolby, The Golden Age of Wireless
    “Crazy [12″ mix]” – Icehouse, Man of Colours
    “Graceland” – Paul Simon, Graceland
    “More Than This” – Roxy Music, Avalon
    “The King is Dead” – Go West, Aces and Kings: The Best of Go West
    “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You” – Bee Gees, Here at Last…Live

    Bonus track: “Sub Rosa Subway” – Klaatu, Peaks

    Doubled up some – you can tell my pop selections are more limited. Love “King is Dead” – great lounge lizard feel to it.

  2. 5 Random Doctor songs
    Doctor Robert – The Beatles
    Doctor Love – Kiss
    Doctor My Eyes – Jackson Browne
    Call The Doctor – Sleater Kinney
    Mr. Dr. – Suicide Comandoes

    “Down By The River” Neil Young Live At Massey Hall 1971
    “Stylized Ampersand” Unrest Perfect Teeth
    “Alone Again Or” Calexico Convict Pool
    “Only Skin” Joanna Newsom Ys
    “Pumping On Your Stereo” Supergrass Supergrass
    “One Year A.D.” Feist Monarch (Lay Down Your Jeweled Head)
    “Tom Traubert’s Blues” Tom Waits Small Change
    “Wilco (The Song)” Wilco Wilco (The Album)
    “Tender Years” George Jones Greatest Hits
    “Juicy John Pink” Procol Harum A Salty Dog
    bonus: “Sycamore” Bill Callahan Woke On A Whaleheart

  3. 1. She’s Just a Girl — Devo
    2. Blatant Doom Trip — Guided By Voices
    3. Jagged — Old 97’s
    4. Growing into You — Soul Asylum
    5. Gangsters — The Specials
    6. Arkansas Traveler — Jerry Garcia
    7. Not Good for the Mechanism — Guided Be Voices
    8. Bad Seeds (live) — The Beat Happening
    9. Most Likely You Go Your Way — Bob Dylan
    10. It was a Very Good Year — The Sounds Like Us

    Bonus: Sons of Apollo — Guided By Voices.

    Didn’t mean to one-up your double Djr with my GBV (but I did Hah!).

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