A Little Roleplay

Peephole – System of a Down – (self-titled)
You Make Me Feel Like a Whore – Everclear – Sparkle and Fade
Over and Out – Foo Fighters – In Your Honor
I’m Designer – Queens of the Stone Age – Era Vulgaris
South Bound Saurez – Led Zeppelin – In Through the Out Door
Till the Morning Comes – Neil Young – After the Gold Rush
Shame – System of a Down & Wu-Tang Clan – Loud Rocks
No. 13 Baby – Pixies – Doolittle
Good Times, Bad Times – Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin I
Far Pavilions – … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – The Century of Self

I checked the hallway through the peephole before I eased the door open and ventured out into the hallway. Unlike you, I really don’t have anything to hide, but you make me feel like a whore in church with your constant admonitions that no one find us out. At least this time you let me use the hallway instead of the balcony, going over and out into the night from the second floor is great practice for my second career as a cat burglar, but completely unnecessary. Especially in shoes like this. “I’m designer” they shout as they rip into my feet walking down south bound Saurez Boulevard back to my car, parked a discreet 3 miles away. You’ll stay in the room till the morning comes, fighting your shame.

“Here comes No. 13 Baby!” you shouted as the 20-sided die spun out of your hand. It clattered to a stop showing a seven – and your troll died a grisly death. It’s really sad how often this happens, strategy has never been a strong point for you, always relying on a single roll to determine if good times, bad times, or disaster will befall your army. Last night was especially poor, your lead troll was killed while still in view of your home country’s camp, his anguished screams heard by all except those in the far pavilions at the rear. Soon they too would be demoralized by tales of my decisive victory. We really have to work on your gameplay before anyone else is allowed to see it.

8 thoughts on “A Little Roleplay

  1. Too bad you couldn’t work in the line about the tattoo from “No. 13 Baby”.

    1. “Needle In The Camel’s Eye” Brian Eno Velvet Goldmine OST
    2. “Born on a Train” Magnetic Fields The Charm of the Highway Strip
    3. “Piano Fire” Sparklehorse It’s A Wonderful Life
    4. “Is That All There Is?” PJ Harvey Dance Hall At Louse Point
    5. “Here I Am (Come and Take Me) ” Al Green Call Me
    6. “Three Babies” Sinead O’Connor I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got
    7. “Shangri La” The Kinks Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire
    8. “Making Pies” Patty Griffin 1000 Kisses
    9. “Hangover Days” Jason Collett Idols Of Exile
    10. “Jet Silver & The Dolls Of Venus” Be Bop Deluxe Raiding The Divine Archive

    Hey, is this a KS post, or are you still hanging around the Windy City?

    • I’m in Chicago – Mrs. Mak and the cats remain in Kansas, setting up the house. Word is the cats have been really helpful.

  2. Nice twist in that 2nd paragraph, you could be a modern day O. Henry!

    1. French Film Blurred — Wire
    2. Wild Flower — The Cult
    3. Big Star — The Jayhawks
    4. Vengeance — Germana
    5. Sun Burn Brighter — Hank and Ruth
    6. My Little Red Book — Love
    7. Little Boxes — Malvina Reynolds
    8. King of the World — Old 97’s
    9. Cedar Time — Indigo Girls
    10. Air Near My Fingers — White Stripes

    Bonus: Spinnin’ — Soul Asylum

    • you could be a modern day O. Henry!

      That’ll be the tagline if I ever switch themes and require one.

  3. I’d love to try put titles to prose, but I’m already taking too much time away from work!

    Giving the Sountracks genre a whirl again…

    “Reflections of Earth” – Disney, Walt Disney World Millenium Celebration
    “Creation of Tron” – Wendy Carlos, Tron
    “The Prophecy” – Howard Shore, The Fellowship of the Ring
    “The Unsung War” – Keiko Kobayashi, ACE COMBAT 5: The Unsung War
    “Vespertillo” – Hans Zimmer, Batman Begins
    “Love’s Dream” – Rick Wakeman, Lisztomania
    “Kaonashi (No Face)” – Joe Hisaishi, Spirited Away
    “Kids Return” – Joe Hisaishi, Kids Return
    “Dream” – Brad Mehldau, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    “National Treasure Suite” – Trevor Rabin, National Treasure

    trivia: Many don’t realize this, but since video games can earn as much as (or more than) a mainstream movie, many of their soundtracks are as outstanding as their movie counterparts.

    • I looked at my library and found the following soundtracks:

      August Rush (Mrs. Mak)
      O Brother, Where Art Thou?
      Fight Club
      Snatch (couple of songs)

      That’s it – not sure there’s enough there for an interesting random 10.

  4. Good list and classic scenario, as per usual.

    1. Ghislain Poirier – Blazin’ (Modeselektor Remix) (Scion A/V Remix)
    2. AKI, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane – R.A.V.E. (Contra Hard Corps Soundtrack)
    3. Animal Collective – My Girls (Merriweather Post Pavilion)
    4. Inhale Exhale – A Call to the Faithful (The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred.)
    5. Radiohead – Reckoner (In Rainbows)
    6. Blonde Redhead – Spring and By Summer Fall (23)
    7. Parallax Software – Descent – Level 9 (Descent Soundtrack)
    8. Kyle Gabler – Rain Rain Windy Windy (World of Goo Soundtrack)
    9. The Medic Droid – The Killer Anna (What’s Your Medium)
    10. Gringo Star – All Y’all (Gringo Star)

    • Nibbish! Thanks for posting your 10. Continuing the video game soundtrack theme of the day.

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