Earl Battey, Where Have You Gone?

Fantastic game Friday afternoon, tons of fun to take in a Twins victory at Wrigley.

We were amazed at the number of Twins fans. I heard the TV announcers mentioned the great turnout of Minnesota fans, but it was really something to behold. Mrs. Mak and I kept track of the Twins jerseys that we saw, and we were able to collect most of the regulars.

We ended up with 15 of the 25 on the current active roster – Span, Cuddyer, Mauer, Punto, Delmon, Gomez, Crede, Crain, Baker, Buscher, Morneau (#27 and #33), Nathan, Liriano, Guerrier, and Slowey (we also saw a blank #20 – not sure if it was a Tolbert fan or not).

I was surprised not to see any Kubel jerseys but the others missing are more understandable (Ayala, Blackburn, Dickey, Henn, Mijares, Swarzak, Redmond, Harris)

We also saw a whole bunch of former Twins names on jerseys, enough to almost fill out an entire lineup.

It appears Rhu_Ru’s crusade has been in vain. Someone go get an Earl Battey throwback, stat!

4 thoughts on “Earl Battey, Where Have You Gone?

  1. Chad Allen??
    I thought I was the only one in the world who remembered Chad Allen.
    Anyway, you are correct. It was an oh-so-fine Twins win. And it was extra tasty to have some good humor provided by Milton Bradley.

    • I thought Reardon was also delightfully random (if a little bit of a more memorable name).

  2. Glad you you guys caught a rare road win, Mak. And I agree with (your) Mom–that Bradley nonsense was high comedy.

    • Milton is not a hit among the Wrigley faithful – a guy on the train expressed his desire to fight Mr. Bradley, although later on in his diatribe he also informed us that the homeless drummers outside the stadium make $80,000 a year (I’m in the wrong career if that’s the case).

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