Just What We Needed – Twins 20, White Sox 1

I will never get tired of this picture (click on any of the images for the larger version):

Mrs. Mak had a friend with season tickets at US Cellular, but couldn’t make it to a weekday afternoon game. Since we both work a somewhat flexible schedule, the wife and I headed down to the south side to see if we could reverse the Twins luck and end a six-game losing streak.

First of all, we had GREAT seats. We were about six rows above the Sox dugout.

The Twins gave us a great show, with bombs from Cuddyer, Crede, Mauer, and Tolbert(!) but, we’ll let you be the judge: which of the following was the most important play of the day.

There was a ton of Twins on the basepaths all day so there was ample opportunity to get pics of runners scoring (Mauer and Morneau advance on Kubel’s single and Tolbert tags on Mauer’s sac fly).

In addition to the baserunning we also tried to get some fielding shots. This was the best of them, Joe Crede bare-handing a slow roller. He didn’t get the runner but the picture is pretty cool.

Once the game was well in hand, there was only the requisite brushback pitch that got both benches warned.

I like the details in this photo as well. There’s Gardy making his way through the line, but there’s also Ron Coomer waiting to interview Michael Cuddyer (4-6, 4R, 3RBI). Throw in the Twins fans and White Sox fans in the background, and it keeps me entertained.

The entire set of our photos can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Just What We Needed – Twins 20, White Sox 1

  1. I love the reaction of the Twins dugout during Punto’s AB. I think Kubel’s most closely mirrors my own.

    Fun stuff, Big Mak. (Those seats weren’t much, though, were they?) :-)

    • I think we were farther from the field in Beloit on Sunday. The seats were absolutely awesome.

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